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Condoms and Laxatives
Don't worry , this post is not about condoms and laxatives. and no its not spam

Its about the advertising banner at the start of each new post, for instance when Adam3rdcanvey posted about wiper blades the banner was about wiper blades from euro car parts :whistle:

This is just to find what will come up when I post. Thing is I wont know until I post it so no guarantee that it will be an advert for cheap condoms at ebai or somewhere. Confusedcratch::eek:

I really must find something more constructive to do with my spare time. :wave:

Fooled it , the advert is about Berlingo roof racks , Damn it , foiled again and bang went my theory
Condoms ???!!! Something else might come up. :eek:
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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  • philip
Just noticed "Cylinder liners and sleeves" , getting nearer !
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  • addo
Resurect my dogging thread from earlier to see if , er , hang on a min , er , sorry wrong site , I'll get me coat ..... Wink
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  • addo, brodfather11, Ol'Jeffers
I wonder if you can buy "good used" variants of the former article from relationship wreckers' yards? :eek:
Get ad block for your browser and the adverts will disappear.
So where does this bit go then ?
(10-11-2013, 12:38 PM)ffrenchie Wrote:  Get ad block for your browser and the adverts will disappear.

Or click the Donate button at the top of the screen.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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  • addo, Ol'Jeffers, ron
(10-11-2013, 12:38 PM)ffrenchie Wrote:  Get ad block for your browser and the adverts will disappear.

And when everyone has blocked the ads and the revenue stops coming in that keeps the forum going, Andrè will shut Berlingoforum down :thumbsup:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
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I like to manipulate the sidebar adverts on sites like Gumtree. Spending fifteen minutes on Autotrader looking at Ferrari 365s, 400s and the like, usually does it. Big Grin
Wonder what explains 'Muslim Dating - Find Local Single Muslims NOW' i've been getting constantly for the past year...
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