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Converting Berlingo Multispace B9 into camper
Hi all, 

I've been a lurker for a while but finally signed up. The forums a great resource and seems like there's a good community here! 

So, I'm looking at building a mini camper that I can use as a daily drive too. At 5'9'' I should fit fine in a Berlingo L1. 

My question is whether I could just use a Multispace as a base instead of the van? This would give me windows and a car classification. 
I assume once the back is stripped out it'll essentially be identical to the van? I can then trim the back to match the front. 
Is there any issue converting the back to a camper? Will it change classification or effect MOT?

Any advice and help would be much appreciated!
If you want to reclassify a van to a campervan it has to be converted to a certain specification regarding fixtures like cookers & bed etc. If you want to make a simple & easily removable conversion to fit into a Multispace with rear seats removed then it could stay as a car. The rear seats from Multispace just unclip so can be easily removed & replaced. I would think that if you converted back into a permanently installed fully specced camper of spec to be classified as a campervan them for insurance purposes I guess it would be advisable to reclassify it as camper. Info here.
Definitely get a Multispace. They're much quieter and more refined and you get carpets, headlining and lots of other comforts.

Plus, depending on model, the road tax is either £30 or £130 instead of £225 for all van models. My 64-reg 90BHP auto is £30 road tax a year, which is bonkers cheap. The manual equivalent was £130 due to its 5-speed gearbox instead of the 6-speed on the auto. I think both are now £30 a year, as they're both 6-speeds so get good economy. I don't know whether older autos are also £30 though.

Insurance can be awkward and/or expensive for a van used for personal use only. My Multispace is £208 per year fully comp - it's group 9, which is almost as low as you get.
Hello ka11 welcome to the forum Smile  I would go for the multi space already soft lined and save your self some time and money .
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

Thanks all for the help!
The Multispace looks like the way to go. The XTR looks like it has all the toys I want too.

Edit: I think I'll go for something similar to this-

How easy do you think it would be to re-floor these with ply and laminate, but still retaining all the fixing points?
Hello and welcome.
I have the 1.6 diesel Multispace which I sleep in for my walking trips. There is info on here about conversions and on other website, some on YouTube. Quite a bit more in place straight away rather than working flooring and insulating a van.

As Erindoors is not interested in my jaunts I decided to take things slowly and see how much I used it in camper mode before I made conversions added weight and insurance. I had leisure battery put in, a small ply shelf over half the rear footwell and proper window screens made- which Velcro in place. I put a hiking mattress down and have a Duvalay as a sleeping duvet. I have canister gas stove picnic table and chair. I take out the rear seats and put the sleep and cooking gear and away I go.

I have seen a single bed wooden bed made which can be useful as you can store gear underneath it. I prefer to sleep lower down and a have couple of plastic boxes for storage.
I am not going to change much; though for simplicity I might make plywood chuckbox (on YouTube) to put the stove, cooking gear and food in. I have spent a week in it and several long week ends.

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