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Cool Running engine & Heater!???!
Good Evening Forum Members,
My 2008 Berlingo 1.6HDi appears to be running cold. i have only just purchased the Van so i do not have anything to compare too but even after a 20 mile run the temperature gauge only reads around 60deg C.
the heater is not very warm & whilst the top hose is warm to the touch it is no where near as hot as i would expect. bottom hose is quite cool.

does any one have any ideas what could be wrong & where to start to look???

many thanks in advance for any advice.
YEs. too low if it's reading correctly at 60ish. Top hose (if its normal type of cooling setup shouldn't be hot till thermostat opens) Mine which has just gone one the road with a fresh engine reads only 75, the heater isn't bad. Engines need the oil up to 85 to evaporate off the crap/moisture in it (so coolant wants to be there too) and to lubricate properly. Worry with yours if you've just bought it is that it may have had cooling/gasket problems and has been fixed to run cool (and lower coolant pressure too of course) as a hide the problem fix!
I've got thermocouple and infrared thermometers( not too accurate but good for a quick and easy check )and when there is time I'll be checking if it's the guage or if it really is running to cool then I'll be looking at the thermostat.
The first thing to look at is the thermostat change and see if she get's up to temp and go from there
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Hi mark. I have bought one as well about 2 months ago. I have the exact same problem. So far I have changed water pump, thermostat, radiator, heater matrix. Checked all seals and pipes. Had the head gasket done. Still the problem exists. No one I have spoke to or mechanics know how to fix it. My van only has 67k on it too. If anyone else knows what else to look at plus do tell me lol. Regards lee.
I've been a bit concerned about the running temp of my 07 HDI, which seems to be about 70/75. All my many previous diesels have run at something like 85/90 ( thermostats c88 ). Perhaps it's meant to run a bit cooler because of the turbo?
60c does sound low, my previous Mk2 2ltr HDI ran at 90c and my current one runs at the same.

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