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Crankcase Breather options and ideas
Over at the "EGR question" thread, our conversation progressed onward to crankcase ventilation, so I decided to start a new thread.

(Original discussion at this link):

So, first we have three options for ventilation, with a few pros and cons:

Option 1 (Flashy breather):
[Image: 20iza8i.png]

And on the other hand, something along these lines might work better:
Option 2 ACDelco breather:
[Image: 2uszgci.png]


Now I understand why the insides of my manifold and crankcase breather pipe are not that dirty inside, with the EGR disabled. It's probably the combo that's deadly. As Coco wrote:

"Whilst the EGR system is undesirable, the worst of it is that it is combined with the crankcase breather. This gives you the oil vapour going into the inlet manifold where it can then stick the soot from the EGR. Either one, on their own, wouldn't be too bad but the two combined produce the black crud that builds up and chokes the breathing."

On the other hand, losing both EGR and crankcase gas might be worthwhile to do both, as Ikanpaul wrote that a friend "...told me to cut out the dpf filter in the exhaust , dissable the egr valve and vent the crankcase gasses to atmosphere, then to add cetane booster to diesel." (we DW8'ers don't have to worry about a DPF filter):

Option 3 Buick breather:
Just found a classic, Number 3, from 1977 Buick, smart design:
[Image: ixtdow.png]


My thoughts on the above options:

Number 1 looks functional but hard or impossible to clean, since the filter is designer for intake, not outtake.
Number 2 looks functional, as long as it doesn't melt from the heat of the crankcase. Easy to clean though.
Number 3 looks hardier than 2, but might spray gunk all over the place if whatever filter exists inside is ineffective.

My little research finds that our American friends across the pond with 6-liter and 7-liter turbo diesels are careful to use heating pipe for their breathers. For them, the heat coming out of the crankcase has got to be impressive. Examples below:
Option 4 (Homemade #1):
[Image: 5lo4z4.png]

Which is made from hardware store PVC and such:
[Image: 2441es0.png]

All photos and instructions here:

Option 5 (Homemade #2):
Another homemade example for those diesel monsters, running heater hose to the rear of the vehicle and then venting with an oil trap:
[Image: 2jbup7t.png]

(Both homemade options above are based on this):
[Image: 1z1496g.png]

Option 6 (Simple hose):
Other guys simply run that heater hose to the rear and just let it drip with no filter or trap:
"just did what I mentioned in the very first post over a year ago and mine in working just fine. a piece of hose is all you need. I have never experienced any oil along the bottom of my truck either." I didn't think a photo was needed for this option.

Option 7 (Red bullet breather):
Finally, here's an intake filter that might actually work as an exit breather for our 1.9 and 1.6L crankcases, as long as our crankcases don't spew so much that it all drips out:
[Image: 1zwj6yq.png]


Option 8 (Factory vent crankcase to the manifold):
[Image: ary4u3yd.jpg]

So Berlingo fans, for 1.9 Liter weaklings such as ours, I'd be interested to hear what different guys are doing for crankcase ventilation options. Pictures or detailed descriptions are always welcome. :-)
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
Simple hose for me, I used an open catch pot - cut down pop bottle - and after a long time there was nothing in the pot just a small bit of residue in the pipe so I took the catch pot away and extended the simple hose down to the chassis where any fumes will be taken away not that I had fumes before.
Interesting, Geoff... What hose material did you use?
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
I used a short piece say three inches long of 3/4" hose ( like a garden hose ) to connect at the engine and then used a length of 1/2" hose to poke inside the first hose and secured with a cable tie, not that needed it.
Sounds easy. And what did you use to block the hole on the manifold side?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
A piece of hose with a suitable sized cork held secure with a cable tie, not that the tie was needed with a secure fit.

Basically all oddments that were to be found in my garage that fitted the necessary connections, once fitted and proved it was then removed and a neater job was made using the same materials as I saw no need to spend on so called bespoke items.
Sounds good. And no smell of fumes while sitting in traffic or at the red light, with windows open? The hose goes straight down near the firewall, correct?

And after doing this mod, what have been the results as you see it?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
^^^^ No results at all ( and none expected ) apart from the knowledge that there is only clean air going into my engine.
It wasn't done as a performance modification rather a continuation of a habit I have had for many years and was executed when I decided to disable the EGR, one kind of went hand in hand with the other.

Did you have any expectations of this mod then and what is your interest in it ???
My interest in it is better gas mileage, and better engine longevity.

A good friend here is a mechanic, he only recommends this for older engines that are not working as well. Since my engine is running ok, he said he wouldn't bother. But that's just his opinion.

Here's the pic that "kokain" just posted of his breather system:
[Image: ibgz9c.jpg]

That was originally posted at:
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.

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