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Crankin but not Starting
Hi to all, this is my first post as I have run out of things to try from the forum, with out special diagnostic equip't & would be grateful of any help on what to do or try next. 
I have a 2.0 HDi desire mpv, 54 reg I have owned for the last 28 mths, I use it most days for my work with no probs ( short journeys under 10 miles, and is my only transport apart from the push bike.
A few weeks ago when on starting it fired up briefly & then stopped ( maybe I did not press the throttle quick enough and/or stopped cranking it split second to soon ) , when I tried to restart it - it just would not start or even try to fire - just dead.
I also noticed  it had not come out of eco-mode on starting ( had the tailgate open for a while before)  - So started looking thru this forum & it seemed to point to a BSi problem so then tried to reset the bsi. After many attempts I succeeded. The reset was made more difficult due to my remote key lock button press rubber button and micro switch missing - I had to make up loop of 1.0mm copper wire to short sw & pity there is no visual led to let you know when you are transmitting ,
Every thing seemed to work ok , the next day I reset the clock etc. Then later I saw the m/f display was blank / dead, it worked intermittently for a few days then gave up. A week or so later I gave the consul a good thump and hey presto it came back to life , but cant remember if it was still working when the following occured.

All was ok until Friday pm when exactly the same happed, apart from there was no reason for it to be in eco-mode Proved by the fact the radio still worked but the centre m/f diplay was not so no messages if any. 
So tried reseting the BSi many time with out success so back to the reading more postson the forum .
Next took out Bsi - check all the fuses & ok , then remove cct boards and give a close inspection, all looks ok and definitely no signs of water damage inside or out, applied some switch cleaner to all connecting pins  and reinstalled retried bsi reset several times still no luck. Its late now so decided to take off 8 mth old HD battery and top up charge overnight & go back to forum.
Next day - retry bsi reset a few more times didn't work, check all engine comp' fuses fusebox & ecu plugs.( fuses checked with ohmeter to make sure).
I have noted what does NOT now work with the Ignition ON :- Radio, Wipers, Head lighs (sides ok), Multi func Display. Every thing else works okapart from heater fan and r/window demist which I think need the engine running.
I will have to get the key mended to make it easier, I have seen some cheap cases with blades and 2 new solder on micro switches on Ebay but not sure how good they can be for the price. 
Incase you are wondering how I short the key thru the window while the key is in the ign sw for  the Bsi reset I used the standard key to turn ign on and stand outside and make the key contacts for locking - it worked the first time !! 

Sorry this is a bit long  but wanted to give as much info as poss, 

thanks in adv to any willing berlingo wizards 
Wipers /radio/headlights not working say it's gone into ECO mode.
The MFD has quite a fagile ribbon cable connector. Thumping it may have made things worse (or the bulbs have blown) Can you see anything if you shine a torch on the display?
I really think you need to get fault codes. If you put in your location, there might be someone nearby with the neccessary diagnostic equip that can help out. If you get them elsewhere, post them up and I'm sure someone will help.
Hi Col good to hear from you

Have taken out the MFC & stripped for check & all ribbons attached ok but surprisingly all the lamp bulbs are open cct ?
Was looking into it with a torch to see if I could see display info if bulbs had gone.
I wasn't sure if it had gone into eco-mode if all the other elec euip was working eg indicatoprs horn, int lights, odo etc, but cant find anything about it in the hand book.
I think I remember reading some where on the forum that the vehicle would start without the MFC, maybe its worth trying it while I have the display out.
My location is Clevedon
Funny stuff electronics and computers I always start by charging the battery fully and then unplugging and reconnecting as many / all of the connectors I can find on the odd occasions I've have similar troubles over the years, good luck.
thanks Geof
Thats what I have done every plug and fuse on BSi, engine comp' f/box ecu and MFC, The battery never went flat I charged it up overnight to make sure it was full for the next day. 
I think it will need the fault codes reading to find out what is going on.
Is their any reasonable priced software and a cable for diagnosing the majority cars.
At least now paying for further work is less painful.

Diagbox is the best way for codes etc and does all manner of things on top :

Pre '55 vehicles need a 32 bit computer for it to work and post '55 will work on 64 bit

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