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Criterion for becoming a Main Dealer
Does anyone know what the criterion and key performance indicators are for becoming and maintaining a Citroen Main Dealer status???

The reason I ask is that my local main dealer (and I say this without any malice, prejudice or ill feeling) allegedly seems to be getting steadily withdrawn from the Citroen marque.

The dealer is part of the Evans Halshaw Group, who have irons in many fires and a huge variety of differing brands beneath their belt.

Each time I drive past the premises in Stoke on Trent there seems to be less and less Citroens and more and more of everything else.

Are there any guidlines set out by Citroen themselves as to actual percentages of Citroen v Other brands which can be displayed or is it a case of stick what you like on the fron as long as you are selling
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I haven't got the answer, but my Local dealer (Thames Group) are "authorised retailers" who also sell Fiat and Alfa Romeo. It is interesting that the Citroen display is stuck at the back of the showroom, Alfas away in a corner, with the Fiats occupying the front, prime places. They also have three times as many Fiats in the showroom so I guess that they sell better or have much bigger margins.
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If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

This vendor has got the Citroen logo in large letters across the front of the premises.

Mind you, thinking back, it used to say OXO on the sides of buses but non of those I saw ever sold it !!!!
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The dealer I bought my new Berli from sold only Citroen. He recently retired and sold his large business to an auto conglomerate that sells many makes and models. Will be interested to see what happens. So far the shop crew seems to be the same but the entire sales staff of six have been replaced by some swarthy looking types with eastern European sir names.
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It's probably a franchise type agreement the dealers have with the manufacturers.

The local Citroen dealer near here has loads of other makes they sell too.
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My brother in law works at toomey and said its up to the dealer how they are in the dealership aslong as they advertise the vehicles in the way the manufacturer want they can't tell the dealership how to have their showroom


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(22-02-2011, 09:19 PM)andy-womble Wrote:  Does anyone know what the criterion andindicators are for becoming and maintaining a Citroen Main Dealer status???

This is very simple. It's a money, Andy Smile
Just seems to me that there are more A.N.Other makes/models on the forecourt than there are Citroens. Thought with them being a national concern they would have moved them round a bit to match the franchise to the brand of car they are selling.
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