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Curtains / blinds or ?
Has anyone measured the total window area in an XTR Berlingo / Pug Partner Tepee 2010 ?

My idea was to get some sort of Camping Boot Jump though I only need this for solo sleeping and to carry my MTB. I may figure something out later on in the year as I have noticed a couple available on ebay that can be made to order.

I am going to try camping my Tepee in France beginning of June. A bit of privacy would be great and have found a suitable material for curtains or to make into roll-down blinds. easynight™ are sending me a sample of the material I hope to use. They also do large transparent suckers that will work with this material.

So my first question, has anyone measured the total window area in either a XTR Berlingo / Pug Partner Tepee 2010 ?

Curtains strung up on bungee cord and stuck down with Velcro tabs would be the simplest way at the moment as someone has mentioned somewhere on here. If that way makes to much material I then might try separate window blinds.

Your help gratefully received.

Which model of Berlingo do you have? I have a Mk 2 Desire and I have some professionally manufactured window covers that use suction cups to fit to the glass. I bought them second hand a couple of years ago and I really can't see me using them now. If you're interested then fire off a PM and
in the meantime I'll get them out of the carrying bag and test them (for the first time!!)
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Hi Ol`Jeffers,

I have 2010 Pug Partner Tepee. So i`m thinking they have different windows !?!

Cheers for the offer though. You may be able to pass them on to someone has the same model as you have.

They do exist - off the shelf and ready to use - for the latest version too.

I think Amdro supply them with the boot jump, so either they make them or buy them in from someone else who does.

IMO a full dangly curtain could look pretty bad and probably wouldn't work - you'd get gaps all along the bottom, unless they were stupidly long.

There's a Blackout Screens section on their website, but nothing shown. Probably worth an email or phone call.
I was going to overcome this by having the rear windows tinted out as dark as possible, have I missed something or is it just personal preference?

I'm going to use sun blinds for the front btw.
Have you got any pics of tbe window blinds ol jeffers ?
Amdro don`t make any extra stock, only make them for orders of their Boot Jumps.

I am going to leave it till I get to France. My Sis-in-Law is good with a sewing machine and might be able to help me out.

Cheers Circlip
Ive gone off the idea of window tinting, apparently there are new proposals to have them banned.

I'm gonna go for these instead, have you seen them?
(28-05-2015, 04:45 PM)Jelster Wrote:  Ive gone off the idea of window tinting, apparently there are new proposals to have them banned.

Banned? What, on the back windows? In which case the van version should be banned completely, as its rear windows are 0% transparent!

Those blinds look good, though they're not totally private and only cover the back windows.

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