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Damn Suspension Rattles
Hi all

Well 1 week old blingo is going in tomorrow for a rattling interior panel and the dreaded front suspension rattle!

Same as lots of other threads, fine over smooth surfaces or large bumps but a scuttling noise over slightly imperfect roads.

Lots of useful info on this forum about it but is there a general consensus on what it is? Just so I can point them in the right direction!

Sounds like anti roll bar links to me but not sure....

I'll report back their findings!

Well it's been in

They sorted the interior rattle which is nice, something wasn't built correctly at the factory

But looks like same story with the suspension rattle, couldn't find a thing so looks like I'll have to turn the radio up!
Glad to see you have some of it sorted keep on to them or they will leave it at that make sure they sort it
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Oh I will be going back again in the next day or two as it's getting worse!

To add insult to injury they offered to wash the car, I reluctantly agreed (I'm a bit of a car washing perfectionist) now it looks like a three year old car with loads of tiny scratches, grrrr
I know what you mean about the swirl mark's when i take mine to the Citroen garage i put a note in the window and tell them do not wash when it take's you four or hour's to wash and wax they do it in about 30 mins with a pressure washer and an old sponge JUST NO
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

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That's a good idea I'll get some signs printed for next time!
Still waiting for my new Berlingo to arrive, it's due off the production line early this week, but am a little worried now about these rattles and suspension problems. Had 1 mark one and 5 mark two's previously and they were horrendous for rattles, but was told the mark 3's were a lot better! Fingers crossed! As an aside, does anyone know where they are built now?
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
I am quite convinced the suspension rattles are a thing of the past now. My Mk3 is now almost 3 years old and considering the speedhumps/ potholes round here mine is very quiet.
Cannot recall where they are built now.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
Mine in general is very very quiet, had a poorly installed panel inside which they fixed, and this annoying rattle from the front suspension. Sounds like drop links worn or top mounts, but they couldn't find anything wrong. It's driving me nuts.

Interior wise, considering its side it's pretty much rattle free.....
Even though the rattles bug me intensely, I've decided on a fourth new Berlingo Multispace. Simply can't find another car which meets my requirements, space-wise as I frequently carry two full-size bikes inside along with luggage inside the Berlingo. The garage told me my new one will be here in a couple of weeks. "It's in Vigo at the moment," they said. Vigo is in Northern Spain. Google "Vigo Citroen" and you will find lots of stuff about the site. I didn't realise mine was being made in Spain.

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