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Did anyone ever fix steering (wobble, jumpy, jerky, kickback, pulsing, nudge)?
I've recently bought an 04 mk2 2L HDi (after my beloved mk1 had a run in with a mountain).

Before I even got it home I was hating the steering, for a problem I've subsequently found many others owners have experienced (including my partner's 03); when cornering the steering wheel moves back and forth in your hand. It seems to go from soft to hard repeatedly and the steering wheel moves several inches left, right, left right.. It doesn't directly alter the direction of the car, but it's causing my control to wobble as it releases then returns to resistance.
I hate it and don't feel very safe.

I've not read of any conclusive fixes but seen suggestions of the cause being: wheel alignment, PAS fluid, belt slippage, alternator, top strut bearings (which my garage want to try), uj, variable assist system, springs (which my garage assure me it's not), rack, pump and so on.

From reading I've heard of many pumps replaced but nowhere did this fix the problem.

Has anyone any real experience of fixing/identifying just what it is? I'm wondering if the dealer will just take it back.

Sniff Sad

(Not to mention the indicators periodically stop working when the headlights are on and the whole dash went dark on one occasion. Sigh.)
I've found it just seems to be going round a corner in too high a gear with low revs and labouring the pump.
So where does this bit go then ?
I fixed mine by cutting the orange plastic bag and greasing it regularly. Solid straight until I touch it or the road cambers massively.

Edit: meant to say bag not back Smile
Hi guys Smile
It doesn't seem to matter the gear ffrenchie on this one; there's no lower gear than 1st, heh,.... it just seems dependent on the amount of lock. Speed doen't effect it either.

When you say 'orange' Kokain, what do you mean? Is that a part of the cover on the rack or something?

Cheers for the responses.... there's somebody out there!

M x
Yeah, there is an orange PVC bag on the ends of the rack under the rubber track rod arm bellows, god knows what its for!
Yeah the jerkiness on mine during cornering was because the orange bag was fighting and stretching. It's a cheap way to keep water from entering the shaft. I just greased it well to stop that from happening. It looked like a ghetto botched job but it turned out it's a common OEM thing as I found out every other Berlingo in the car morgue to have the same bag underneath. Same colour too.
Oh thanks Kokain.... I'll print this and give it to the mechanic. Fingers crossed. So you cut it off... guess it'll reduce the value of the car though... I'm still in two minds what to do. I definately want a Berlingo, but my budget can only stretch to an 04, possibly 05 at a push. And from what I read the 03 -04s are the ones with this darn problem... I'm wondering it it's all of them.

Do you have any experience on that?

Thanks again everyone. Feedback is very helpful.

M x
(21-05-2014, 10:37 PM)Kokain Wrote:  Yeah the jerkiness on mine during cornering was because the orange bag was fighting and stretching.

Kokain, if I asked my mechanic to look at this how could he identify if the bag was doing this? Do you need to lift it up and turn the wheel or something? Is the stretching and fighting easily seen would you say?

M x
Just remove it yourself, it's cable tied. Test drive it, if it doesn't happen anymore, thats your problem.
Ok guys, here's where I'm at. I have a 1.9d 600lx van, same problem with the steering (tries to pull back when turning both ways, like it's nudging back to centre) & here's what I've had done as a process of elimination & also cos some needed doing . . .

1- Strut top mounts done as they were worn = no change
2- Alt belt tensioner replaced as the bearing had gone & new belt fitted = no change
3- full flush of the p.a.s. fluid = no change
4- steering rack replaced & p.a.s. fluid flush = no change
5- P.a.s. pump replaced with another p.a.s. fluid flush = no change
6- Alternator replaced due to smoking quite badly = no change

There doesn't seem to be anything else to try apart from changing the whole p.a.s. pipe system, this steering problem remains & it's getting to the point of great frustration. I've searched many forums regarding this problem & (it's not just on these vehicles) no-one has the answer . . . .

The thing I've been told by a few garages I've taken it to is that the high pressure outlet pipe & the pulley on the pump get very hot after a short while, it's as if there's some sort of valve malfunction.

Any help???

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