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Did you have a moped?
After posting up the Funky Moped thing and looking at our age group (!) how many of you had a moped when you where sixteen (if you can remember that far back!)? I had a Fantic Super T, the fastest thing around for miles, much faster than Fsie's and AP50's, so what did you cut your motoring teeth on?

The same as this but mine was electric blue
[Image: 2mhvinr.jpg]

Cheers Neil.

Nope, never owned one. When I was 16 (and T. Rex still roamed the earth) they weren't popular with the young set. About the only people you saw on them was someone at least 75kg overweight with a cigar stuck in their face. But, that was California and everyone wanted a woody with a surf board sticking out the back and a beauty riding shotgun.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
yep i had a yamaha aerox for 2 and a half years loved it
:No moped,i went straight on to a brand new yamaha DT 175MX
in 1981 £725.00 and it took me ages to pay for it on the never never.I actually passed my bike test on another one then in 1993. EamonnBig Grin
For my sins when I was a pup I had a Honda Melody, not very fast and embarrassing to ride but it was cheap and got me to work, I even used to go fishing on it, loaded to the hilt with rod bag and seat box.

Upgraded to a Honda Lead 125 scooter, good for 65mph, although it was a little scary at that speed due to the small wheels and drum brakes, it suffered a death of major engine failure and was sent to the scrap yard in the sky Sad
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Rode a lot of bikes 'back in the day'.
First was a Suzuki AP50 and, yes, the 6 speed Fantics were faster Angry

Luckily the lads I knocked around with were FS1E and SS50 riders so I was top dog :woop:

YB :wave:
FS1E but always wanted the Garelli Tigercross - as in the first pic - but couldn't afford one !!! Still can't now, have you seen the prices they command?
(25-04-2011, 11:33 AM)Yorkshire Bling Wrote:  Rode a lot of bikes 'back in the day'.
First was a Suzuki AP50 and, yes, the 6 speed Fantics were faster

I had mates with 6 speed Fantics, it was called the Ti I think but mine was only a 4 speed.

Cheers Neil.

I had a Dawes Lightning push bike lol
Never owned a moped, my first bike was a honda CD 175 that belonged to my old man, he gave it to me for my 17th birthday with the proviso that he would insure it for me as long as I could pay for the tax and test. It was a real old mans bike but still much better than any sports moped and it made me the envy of all the kids at school. I passed my test in June 1976 just ready for the long hot summer that year and having just started work I spent every weekend riding all over the south of England with a variety of different girls on the pillion. Happy Days.


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