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Diesel misfueling device
The Berlingo I pick up next week will be the 1st diesel car I´ve ever owned. I recently hired a diesel van and, you´ve guessed it, put petrol in it which emptied my wallet of £209 to have it drained :brickwall:. I know that at some point I will do the same with the Berlingo :'(

I´ve been having a look around for one of the misfueling devices as the £40 - 50 is definitely worth it for me. But I can´t seem to find one that will fit the Berlingo.

Does anyone have one on their Berlingo? If so which one?

Just have a sticker in the fuel entry orifice that says diesel, job done, I've run a petrol car and a diesel van for years with no slip ups, and without a sticker :p
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Haven't seen such a device. I double and triple check each time I fuel as this is the first diesel I've ever owned (and I'm a firm believer in Mr. Murphy' law).
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[Image: ab197646.gif]
This one looks promising:

I´ve emailed them and asked if it´ll fit the Berlingo. I´ll let you know their answer. :thumbsup:
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never happened myself

the mother done it and the garage sucked the petrol out ad filled it with diesel for free Big Grin
I did it a few weeks ago as reported on my thread, warranty under threat, cost £104.00 plus approx 80.00 waisted diesel and petrol mix, plus 80.00 to refill.
expensive mistake.
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(10-04-2011, 09:09 AM)steve valentine Wrote:  Just have a sticker in the fuel entry orifice that says diesel, job done, I've run a petrol car and a diesel van for years with no slip ups, and without a sticker :p

(11-04-2011, 11:33 AM)andy b Wrote:  very good idea and im geting stickers made for my berlingo atm as i am members of a couple of citroen forums and i am geting the berlingo forum made as a sticker i will up load some picture when i get them

I like this idea, save on some money.

[Image: 2594154.jpg]
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Had some black gunk at the bottom at the bottom of the petrol cap and once I cleaned it off I found a sticker that says diesel under the dirt

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Halfrauds do a little diesel misfuelling alarm that fits inside the fuel flap. Not listed on their website, but saw them on the counter yesterday. Think they were £6.99.:thumbsup:
Had a quick read of packet and emits an annoying little noise which makes you think "Ah, annoying little noise, must put diesel in."
Often its the simplest ideas...Confusedcratch:
This looks a good idea.
But no mention of Berlingo.
Might be worth an email?
Or this one.
Fits current model, but not Mk1 or Mk2.
And finally....
Found the one I saw in Halfrauds... on eBay.
And only 99p.
Hope these help.
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