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Dodgy lights
Hi all newbie here needing bit of help,
Have a 2004 !.9D 60.000miles, was just checking over a few things today before MOT at end of week. sidelights work, headlights dont, main beam does but side lights go out, indicators and hazards work as does brake lights and interior light. No idea how long its been like this, only use it in daytime.

any ideas what I could check out

A bit obvious but have you checked the headlight bulbs? They are dual element bulbs I think.

Or it could be the controller stalk is freaking out, problems with the comm 2000 units are common from what I have read.
Thanks Bob, yea first thing I did was buy 2 new bulbs as`I thought it may be them, whats comm 2000.?

Mine once did something like this, annoyingly I'm not 100% certain what caused it :-( It may have been whilst I was doing something with the stereo. I think disconnecting the battery for ½ hour cured it, it's worth a try anyway.
It's the part where the indicator, lights and wiper stalks etc etc are attached too. From what I have gathered there are some design issues.
Have you actually checked the headlamp bulbs?? It's almost always the dip beam that fails first.
I had to replace one last week. A bit of a faff to get to but I can do both in 15 minutes now.
I use Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited bulbs for the extra brightness which is really ummmm....night and day!!
If you don't do any night driving then put any good quality bulb in there. Halfords have a 2 for 1 offer on their
bulbs at the moment.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

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