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Does anybody know?
Does anybody know, when you send your vehicle to the dealership for checks and issues do the they charge Citreon? for the time and labour even if they don't find a problem.
I can't be absolutely 100%, but having worked at dealerships! every technician has to justify his time, so if he spends 1 hr on your car it has to be charged somehow, or he will be put to question. The service manager who allocated the job to him will most likely " invent" a chargeable job, so that the technician can be given his hour.
Typical job might be adjusting a door, or trim etc etc. there are always jobs that can be made up to make time.
So in answer to your question, Citroen would most likely be charged for something, but you would never know .
Dealers charge approx 30 quid to check possible warranty repairs.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
They will plug a code reader into your car to see if they can find fault code's and will charge you as your vehicle any warranty on it what issues have you got ?? some one here mite be able to help
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Before Citroen will pay a dealer for warranty work Citroen need proof that there was a fault. If a faulty part is removed it needs to be returned to Citroen, I think, but if you car has any sort of fault during warranty period then dealer should fix it at no cost. By law your warranty is with the retailer you bought the goods from, not the manufacturer although complaining to Citroen UK if dealer is unwilling to do work you believe should be under warranty does work in my experience.

On my previous Berlingo I had a fault with the window for about a year. About once a week the window would not drop or rise when switch was pressed. This was cured each time by turning off engine & restarting. Dealer stated there was no fault code so he could do nothing under warranty unless he could see fault.

I collected car after last service before warranty expired, started engine & window would not drop. I went back to service reception & made service guy come out to car & he could see fault. They fitted new motor & that was the end of the fault it never happened again. Service said there was no obvious fault with motor & because of this garage & not Citroen would probably have to bear cost.
(05-06-2014, 09:58 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  They will plug a code reader into your car to see if they can find fault code's and will charge you as your vehicle any warranty on it what issues have you got ?? some one here mite be able to help

My issue is since getting in 2012 the steering hasnt been right, always fighting to keep it straight, and always wants to spring back really sharp, it's been in and out loads but all they do is reset the tracking and make sure nothing loose, after 2years of driving I'm now getting aches and pains on my right arm from holding the wheel.

They say nothing more can do but test drive it and look at it, iv told Citreon to pay the remaining to 50% so I can hand back to the finance company, but all they say is take it to the dealership. That's why I ask does it cost Citreon money if they don't find anything? Coz I'll just keep sending it in as they can't refuse it!!

Other people have complained on here about the same issues, which iv sent them but don't they don't read all listen to the customers reviews.
Unless the tyres are wearing unevenly, its difficult to say that there is a steering fault. I would agree it does tend to run down the road camber to the left but when I drive mine on the continent it does the same to the right. If you can call that a fault then it probably is but not one that could be corrected.
I have uneven wear on all four tyres, Citroen say this is normal for the Berlingo.
Its not just the pulling to the left because i know they do, its the sharpness it does this, and the pull back on the steering wheel, fighting with it all the time.
My tyres don't wear unevenly, I got 30k out of the first 5 by swapping them around & I should get 30k out of the current 5. Have they checked the rear tracking?
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