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Dos de pensionistas de vacaciones en España
[Image: banner.jpg]

Sunday 3rd June 2012

'Tis us again! we're off on our travels - a bit further this time but nothing like as adventurous - Benidorm.

We left the beautiful Essex countryside on Friday morning and took the midday DFDS ferry to Dunkirk - lovely ship and a very suitable replacement for the late lamented SeaFrance - previously our ferry company of choice.

Spent Friday evening in Rouen and then on Saturday we drove down autoroutes various to La Rochelle where we have spent today to give 'er indoors a bit of a break from the driving (she has to do all the driving now as my eyesight and spatial awareness preclude me driving).

Tomorrow we are off to Tudela - about halfway between Pamplona and Zaragoza (spelling of both places seems to be optional!).

No photos sorted as yet but will try and get some up in the next few days.
Reports will be dependent on the availability of free or affordable WiFi!

Jim & Tracey
Go to the following address for our wash-up site on our holiday in Corsica:
Bon Voyage and looking forward to your reporting back.

You did a superb job last time.

Enjoy !!!
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Just looked at your location on Google maps. Hope you find a wifi access as that is a part of Spain we have yet to explore and would love to see pix. Have a great time and safe motoring folks.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
Blimey is it that time of year already!!? The intrepid travellers sally forth once again!
So it's Benidorm eh? Well I hope you both have a good time and I look forward to seeing your
no doubt excellent pictures once again!
I was looking forward to a little trip down to Corsica myself but last Thursday I got knocked off
the bike so I'm having to put a few things on hold until I get definite confirmation that the
bike will be fully repaired by 'his' insurance company! Ho Hum!!
Look after yourselves and don't drink too much Sol!!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
Benidorm eh? Not the Solana is it!!
Nice to hear from you again.Have a great trip.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
[Image: banner.jpg]

Monday 4th June 2012

Tis me tonight folks, Tracey. We're trying to take it in turns to write our
screed. Mind you I don't really feel up to it. Went down with a stinking cold yesterday - had a rather disturbed night as a result AND had to drive to Tudela. Never mind we got here safe and sound with the car behaving faultlessly.

Today was our longest day of driving - some 370 miles. At least that is what Google told us but it turned out to be around 10 miles shorter. Google showed the route as going west of Bordeaux whereas the route actually went east which is slightly shorter. In terms of time though, it seems Bordeaux is somewhere to avoid. Got stuck in a very slow moving traffic jam for around 30 minutes or so. Nevertheless we still reached Tudela by 4:20pm having left La Rochelle at 7:50am.

The hotel we chose for the night we chose due to reviews on TripAdvisor on the internet. Boy what a hotel!!! Possibly the best hotel we have ever been in although its only a three star place. We have a bed where we need binos to see each other - it must be all of 6'6" wide, the air con actually works (perhaps too well). To cap it all we're having a free breakfast tomorrow because of an error on their part. They gave us a room where someone was already in occupation so they're making up for it with a free breakfast for us both.

I'm afraid that photos of this area of Spain will not be actually forcoming since I have to do all the driving because of Jim's sight problems. Its also not easy to take piccys from a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, Jim is concentrating on filming as much of our drive to Beniform as possible. Should take up perhaps some 45 minutes or so once its been tidied up. More about that later.

I hope you don't mind but no piccys tonight but we'll try and add some when we next post a message.

All the best
Go to the following address for our wash-up site on our holiday in Corsica:
Thanks for the update Tracey. Sounds like you made out well at the hotel. That's great. Hope your cold takes a hike soon. This weekend the wife and I will be south of Bordeaux in Arcachon on the coast. Happy travels.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
[Image: banner.jpg]

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Well, we have arrived at our destination, the Dynastic Hotel in Benidorm. For those of you who think we are staying at the same hotel as the TV series, think again.

The journey from Tudela was pretty uneventful and traffic free. In both Tudela and Benidorm, the effects of the Spanish recession are/were hard to see.

The Berlingo has behaved impeccably during the journey and has shown an mpg of around 44 over a distance just in excess of 1280 miles.

This is the fourth time we have stayed at this hotel and we were met with recognition by at least four of the staff and treated as long lost friends.

Weather is terrible - no clouds - blue sky - temperture late twenties - no sign of rain - dreadful!!!

We haven't forgotten the piccys but the photographer was doing all the driving. However, the countryside between crossing the French/Spanish border and Pamplona was outstanding.

The hotel at Tudela (Bed4U) was most possibly the best hotel we have ever stayed in. It's price at 64 euros was fantastic considering the facities and service - well worth making a detour if you're in the area. Be aware though that the Spanish restaurants do not commence serving evening meals until at least 8pm.

More to follow. . .

Jim and Tracey

PS We've had some problems getting on line and as with Corsica we've had to bring the PC to reception to post messages. Still have to do a message and piccys for today as what I have posted so far was written yesterday but we couldn't get online until today.
Go to the following address for our wash-up site on our holiday in Corsica:
[Image: banner.jpg]

Friday 8th June 2012

Weather once again terrible - blue sky, gentle sea breeze, steady 28c - boring! Tomorrow looks as if it might be better - rain clouds forming!

[Image: 0801.jpg]
Our Berlingo parked at its holiday accomodation

Today we drove to Jalon, a small town to the west of Benissa to have lunch - fish and chips - I joke not. It is the third time we have visited this f&c emporium - not the cheapest in the world by no means but by far the best (in our opinion). The establishment was set up by a Harry Stafford who retired to Jalon from, I belive, Burnley where he was awarded numerous medals etc for the quality of the f&c. Sadly Harry passed away last year but the business is still flourishing under the expert patronage of his wife.

[Image: 0802.jpg]

We then went to the cove at La Fustera - first stayed there back in 1967 - its changed a bit since then. Once again it was very nice of these Spanish chappies to paint our car parking space a nice shade of Berlingo Tivoli Blue!

[Image: 0803.jpg]

[Image: 0804.jpg]

[Image: 0805.jpg]
La Fustera, Benissa

Another quiet day tomorrow (Saturday) will test the range of the scooters and see if we can get to the Poniente beach (and back!).

Jim & Tracey

  Berlingo XTR HDi110, Tivoli Blue, Modutop, MyWay etc etc

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