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Drive shaft cv joint play
Hi Folks,
I'm posting this question in the Mk2 section as well as the Mk1 as I belive they're similar.
Can anyone please tell me how much play (if any) is acceptable in the drive shaft inner and outer CV joints. Up & down/rotational/in & out.
My reason for asking is yesterday there suddenly appeared excessive vibration through the steering wheel and I have checked all the steering and suspension components (Steering shaft/ball joints/wheel bearings/wheels for loss of balance weights/coil springs) and the only play I can find is in the inner n/s driveshaft joint,
Vehicle - 2002 1.4 Multispace No ABS.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
So, bit the bullet and changed the n/s driveshaft and once it was out (and comparing to the new one) there was play in the outside joint. Did the oil seal as well.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
could be the fault...usually, when you get wear on the inner joints, the inner shaft joints run off centre during acceleration or when extra torque is applied from the engine like climbing a steep hill, the shafts start to oscillate out of line at the gearbox end, this causes the whole power plant to tramp backwards and forwards on its mountings, this can usually be spotted by a rocking gear lever along with a wobble of the entire car, the wobble and tramping can be stopped once you take your foot off the throttle or go down hill. Replacement reconditioned shaft quality varies widely, some shafts purchased from motor factors or online can be very cheap and have poor quality, lasting only 10,000 miles, some are better quality, rather than risk poor quality shafts I fitted Citroen recon shafts purchased from a local main dealer, they were £200 but have lasted 40,000 miles and are still fine.
Hi Barkas,
Had difficulty getting one at short notice but paid £70 odd from local factors - GSF. Couldn't wait for online suppliers. Didn't know Citroen did recons. Worth noting when the O/s goes :-)
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Wow £200 for a recon driveshaft ...... Personally I'd put a motor factor one on for £70 and take a chance if you can do the work yourself as they don't take long, I can do a short one in 3/4 hour including putting the tools away.
They were £200 for the pair.

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