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EGR solenoid
I'm not exactly sure how your egr solenoid operates, but I would have thought that it would have to release the vacuum between itself and the egr diaphragm in order to let the valve shut.
I don't think the vacuum to the solenoid will be released.

Maybe the egr solenoid isn't closing / working 100% correctly?

When the engine is off, the brake servo non return valve should stop any suction from the servo but there maybe a small amount of leakage.

Not sure why the engine would run better with the vacuum tube to egr unblocked, (open to air) 

My vehicle .... 2006 Berlingo Multispace Desire 1.6 HDI 92.
exactly.. so the solenoid must release the vacuum when egr needs to be disengaged... and the fact remains the problem only occurs when vacuum pipe either blocked off (when egr removed and blanked) or when conected to egr (when re-fitted).
i have found no info anywhere as to how the solenoid valve actually works and the 'ha ha ha haynes manual' is no use at all!
(10-01-2017, 01:36 PM)silver-slug Wrote:  i was thinking about brake servo but would the egr solenoid not cut off or release the vacuum?

winding back to when i had the egr blanked, i found the car ran better with the vacuum tube that went to egr was left unblocked. if it was sealed, engine sometimes after car coming to a stop and then accelerating away would hesitate and sometimes mil light would come on and limp mode enabled.
this just happened on a test drive, on arrival home, i left engine running for a minute or so and then when i revved it, it hesitated like fuel startvation, i immediatley disconnected vaccum pipe and it revved fine again.

as this happened same when egr blanked, i can safely assume egr ok and maybe the solenoid is at fault?
p.s. vacuum was pretty high in pipe when i disconected it.

This don't make scene and it is only possible if you did not properly blanked EGR with blanking plate.
You are changing story as you tell it. It is difficult to follow.

Best regards,
hi there, not sure how i'm changing the story but i apologise if i have!
i'll start again.
have a problem as follows for about 4 years.
before i start i must point out noise from egr solendoid was noted around same time as the fault i'm describing but maybe i never noticed it before as i wasn't paying attention!
1: starts fines, runs really well, was poor starter in winter (i live quite high up in mountainous area) but i fitted a hd battery and more powerful starter which resolved that.
the intermittent fault i have is..
2: after a drive, on coming to a halt, say at traffic or whatever, on pull away, behaves like fuel starvation briefly before kicking back into life. sometimes mil light comes on and needs reset, other times resets iteself.
same after engine off after a journey and restart. worse in hot weather.
3: about 3 years ago i was advised elsewhere that i should try blanking off egr.
4: i bought a blanking kit and did so - i was also advised to blank off end of vacuum tube which i did.
5: made no difference but as i'd been led to believe it improved mpg, i left it blanked.
6: recently vehicle failed spanish mot due to black smoke level higher than allowed (they don't just test the horn these days!).
at this point blanking plate was still fitted and i had the same original problem.. for some reason i unblocked vacuum tube and problem went away.
problem re-occured when blocked off.
7: on another forum someone suggested egr fault.. when i mentioned i blanked it off, they didn't answer!
8: as i had come to the point i may need a mechanic, i decided that i should re-fit egr as garage would most likely want to fit one!.
9: re-fitted egr and vacuum pipe. same issue when vacuum pipe fitted and time duration of noise 2 to 3 mins.
i cleaned the egr before re-fit, wasn't particularly dirty and opened/closed on application and removal of vacuum.
10. vacuum is still sucking through pipe after engine off and when disconnect tube from egr, continues to 'suck' for want of a better description!for at least 15 seconds.
to me this possibly indicated egr solenoid not doing it's job.

it may not make sense but it is the facts!

p.s. tried pumping brake after engine off.. noise from egr solenoid stops.

my question now, maybe a dumb one, is why does the egr solenoid not release vacuum when egr not needed, obviously the solenoid opens a valve inside the device and suction from vacuum pump is applied to egr via the rubber pipe but when ecu switches off egr solenoid, does the solenoid valve allow air in, thus egr closes again?

or is it just a case of the egr valve merely loses the vacuum when constant vacuum not applied?

sorry for all the questions!
You don't have EGR problem you have some other engine problem.
You have to check compression then check valves.
1.9 is known for that. Also Lexia error codes would be nice.

If your problem is "fuel starvation" than you have to check fuel filter and injectors.

The above came from your statement 5.

It made no difference with blanking EGR hence EGR is not your problem.

You are obsessing on the sound. 

Spring inside EGR closes EGR if no vacuum is applied. ECU sends signal to
solenoid. That signal opens valve and vacuum is applied, EGR opens.
When ECU send signal to close solenoid valve. There is no more vacuum.
Then spring closes EGR.

Best regards,
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  • silver-slug
hi brajmobil, thanks for the reply. and my response..

it's a 2.0 hdi, not a 1.9.
statement 5 was - 5: made no difference but as i'd been led to believe it improved mpg, i left it blanked. and was a reference to egr blanking.
i said ''behaves like fuel starvation briefly before kicking back into life'' i did not say it was fuel starvation.
i do not have a lexus, wish i had one.
as vacuum remains after engine off an vacuum should be lost after ecu tells solenoid to disengage vacuum, i'd say the valve/diaphragm, in the solenoid is at fault as there should be no vacuum within moments of ecu switching it off.
f.y.i. i have stopped 'obsessing' about the noise thanks to your earlier comments but still think it indicates egr solenoid fault (will get replacement asap).
p.s. re-lexia codes, i previously posted on this forum about the issues with 2004 blingos not being fully obd11 compatible. so no live data, fuel pressure readings, etc.
Again, you are twisting your words.

I can't help you.

Best regards,
oh really? ''twisting words''? braj.

thanks anyway.


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