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[Engine] 03 1.9d pump timing
Right.. Been in the garage again.
Rechecked the belt timing.. All 3 pins line up.
Replaced the clicking fuel relay (mate lent me one).
Still fire and then cuts out. Will sometimes idle for a bit but won't rev... Loads of white unburnt diesel smoke if you do try.
I'm thinking injector pump timing... As i transferres the pump/bracket from the old engine i guess the timing might well be wrong now...But I don't have the equipment to check it... 
Is there any way to do it/check it roughly without the kit... Or should I just stump up the fifty quid for the correct tool.

Cheers for the help so far.. Jim
Hi , again
          On the pump body the three mounting studs are also adjustment slots , Mark the position of the top one before slackening them off and twisting the whole pump one way or the other and see if it runs better. Top of pump towards the engine will advance..( I think  iIrc  ! ) Its a crude way but without tools it will give you an idea if pump timing is out.

It sounds retarded to me with the white smoke etc. . Too far advanced it will make a hell of a banging noise , you'd think the big ends or something is trying to come out the side of the engine.

There are a couple of members Col and Ron I think,  could know a more up to date and better way  without dial gauges etc.
The 2 pumps you have, are they the same make ie both Bosch? What years are the 2 engines?
Will have to pop out in daylight to double check but both pumps look identical... As does the engine. The company I got the engine from assured me it was the same code as the one I took out and all the fittings seemed to be a perfect fit as it all went back in.
The pump on the engine now is the original from the car.. With the other pump it would not run (immobiliser). I swapped the pump, bracket etc all directly over... Timed up the belt etc but have otherwise not touched the pump to timing yet.

I'll try to get out there tomorrow and double check the pumps have the same make/numbers etc.

Thanks again. Jim
Hi. Been out there tonight. Both pumps are identical Delphi units.
Is there a nak to to ing these or is it a job that must have the correct equipment.
Cheers Jim
Have you tried turning the pump with it running? - its crude but it can work with care
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Ok. From a previous post cam crank and pump all pinned up OK? Does it run on 4 cyls when you can start it?
Timing would have to be out a fair bit to run as you describe.
I'm thinking maybe something to do with new engine. Did you hear it running prior to purchase?
A bad injector can cause white smoke. So can low compression or even injector pipes on wrong (2 swapped over)

Where are you based as I can test injectors?
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stupid question : did you put the pump in the right set off 3 holes on the plate on my bingo there were 6 holes 3 for bosch and 3 for the other make   with other words if you have the wrong set off holes timing is also off.
Daywalker He says in first post he transferred the pump and bracket The firing order is different Bocsch / Delphi which is why there are different mounting holes and different injector pipes.

EDIT: Different on the pumps, not the engine.
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thanks for the replies all.. any suggestions welcomed.
The new engine - Honestly I did not hear it running before.. The breaker I got it from guaranteed it (for 3 months) as good and promised it was a spot on runner with approx. 74k on the clock... the reg number for the van it was removed from gave mot history to back this.
When I fitted the belt and changed the pump the crank, cam and pump all pinned up and subsequently rotated by hand (and also run) and rechecked and all still pin up fine.
running - when it starts it starts on all 4... ticks over lovely (for the short period it will run)... but simply wont rev at all and stalls/smokes like a chimney if you try.
I did have the injector pipes off but I did mark which pipe went to which cylinder and unless I've been a muppet (it does happen) they went back together the same.
I've got the injectors from the old engine which was running spot on when it slipped the belt.. I could swap these in to eliminate the injectors being at fault.
It's got new glowplugs.. and these have been tested for power supply and turning off.

With regards moving the pump to do the timing (still assuming it's running retarded).. Looking at the diagram there appears to be three bolts at the front and a bracket at the rear. If I loosen these off (mark the position currently) and then move it slightly, nip up and see if it starts easier/runs better would that be a rough and ready check? If so.. which way to move it clockwise or anticlockwise?

Otherwise I guess I'll need to buy a diesel compression tester and a timing kit...

Nice thing is I've been given an old Volvo v70 estate on loan/cheap buy to tide us over meaning my wifes stolen my Nissan until such time as I fix the berlingo.... Or my landy... Or both.. lol.

thanks again for all the advice. Jim

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