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[Engine] 1.6 hdi EGR remove, delete from engine ECU
I had EGR problems in this thread:
Ordered new “Chinese” EGR and it lasted 3 months. After that again EGR problems. Same error like before. 
Probably bad build quality and exhaust soot got into EGR bearings  making ECU report P1462
“EGR valve position copy signal valve movement drift or programing not done” and after some time you 
got “limp mode” by error P0402. (Yes I tried programing EGR many times, and tried to clean it.)
New OEM EGR is too pricy and buying second hand is tricky. Decided to remove EGR from my car.

Reading other forums in this engine removing EGR is not that simple. There is no elegant solution. There is no on\off switch. 
You have to change map inside ECU “fooling” engine that it’s working in some other range and just to ignore EGR map. 
Reading all that for month decided to pay "someone" to remove EGR from ECU flash. 

First you have to read out ECU flash. Send that file to someone. That "someone" does his “magic” and you write back new file to ECU. 
EGR is gone for good. Another issue is reading writing ECU with correct tool. Tools for that are also pricy. 
Another month spent reading forums for correct tool. Problem lies again in build quality of tool. If you have badtool and you have 
writing problem you can render your ECU useless. You need to buy new ECU and configure it to your car. Price for that is nightmare. 
Finally decided to go with fgtech galleto master v54. That tool has 2 options for reading ECU. First is over OBD. 
Second is take out ECU from car open ECU and connect wires to BDM port of PCB. OBD option is quick but you can’t read full flash data.
That means if you get into problems you must buy new ECU and configure it. Second BDM option is better. With full BDM readout if 
you mess up your ECU you can find similar one from scrap yard and load your file on it. Like you cloned your ECU to another ECU. 
You must find close match for ECU for that to work. It is still a lot cheaper than first option.  

Decided to open ECU and read it with BDM option. Reading went smooth. Unfortunately, when I was desoldering wires managed to 
broke one BDM wire from PCB. I was to pissed off… Without that wire BDM writing is not possible…

Decided to go with OBD read and write. File created by OBD read can only be written by OBD. Same rule applies with BDM file. You can’t mix files.
After reading file over OBD, file sent by mail to “someone” . Modified file arrived quickly after that.
Flashed modified file back on ECU over OBD and Blingo started normally. I have disconnected EGR
electrically but left mechanically connected to engine. Took Blingo for spin… No limp mode….
Car goes smooth… Very , Very happy… The only unknown is MOT that is due in September. Will report back If any problems…

I have made this long and boring post just to help someone with same problem.

Feel free to ask question…

This is the YouTube of read and write over OBD:
Best regards,
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Interesting post. Thanks for the information. One question though - can this "someone" who edits the file be found only via a Tor connection or are there companies that offer this service on the not so dark net?? Just curious. Will want to know if your MOT was OK after the EGR removal too.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

[Image: ab197646.gif]
(12-04-2016, 02:38 PM)3rensho Wrote:  Interesting post.  Thanks for the information.  One question though - can this "someone" who edits the file be found only via a Tor connection or are there companies that offer this service on the not so dark net??  Just curious.  Will want to know if your MOT was OK after the EGR removal too.

Don't want to public advertise "dark side" company. I can send you link in PM.
Price is not that high. About 50-60E... And , yes there are numerous tuning
garages that can do the job...

My concern is also MOT. If I have problems I can always flash back original file
and reconnect EGR. Then after MOT remove EGR...

Best regards,
It won't affect a UK MOT as EGR function is not tested (at the moment)
Good info, thanks for the info

(13-04-2016, 10:58 AM)Col Wrote:  It won't affect a UK MOT as EGR function is not tested (at the moment)

Reading UK mot tests online I see only "black smoke" test for diesel and it must be below 1.5m-1 
Is that correct ?

Here in Croatia same rule applies. I think value is different for Euro III , IV, V, VI .... norms...

Driving the car for over a week,now. I don't see more black smoke. But again until MOT i can't be 100% sure...

Best regards,
One or two guys on the Citroen forum have removed the EGR, older models you can just disconnect the vacuum pipe, newer models they have mapped them out.

No one has had trouble with MOT emissions or with DPF blocking - there is a moral argument due to nitrous oxides but i personally don't buy into that one.
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Without an EGR valve the exhaust will emit much more NOx, which does poison people...

If you're happy with that then fine. Wind the window down and spit at a few pedestrians while you're at it.
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The Berlingo will go through the MOT no problem with the EGR deleted .
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Passed MOT with 0.21 black smoke. Non pass value is over 1.5 something

Car goes better and fuel consumption is less... Go wonder...

Best regards,
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