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[Engine] 1.9 2003 fuel leak from pump
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Noticed the exhaust on the Berlingo started to rattle and so went under to have a look.  It seems to be rattling on the spare wheel heat shield from what I can tell.  Not sure why it has started doing this or how to put it right as it looks to have the rubbers in place and intact but this was not the worst thing to ruin my day.
I noticed fuel dripping from the sump plug.  It has probably been doing this a while as I have noticed a diesel smell when parking up before but I didn't realise it was leaking.
Anyway, bear with me for the technical terms.... looking at the engine from the front the pump is at the front of the engine and the exhaust is to the rear.  with this orientation the left of the pump appears to be where the fuel is leaking from.  The fuel appears to be running out from where the pump is attached to a plate that has alternator and steering pump belt but I can only see from the top of the engine as the oil filter obscures any view from below.
This cannot be good news as I imagine it means a pump rebuild or a rebuilt pump and then it will have to be timed by a garage or a specialist.  Is this the case?  I only ask as it probably means that the whole car may have to be scrapped as it is only worth about £1000 given its age.  I don't want to scrap it as I cant afford to replace it and there is no corrosion and the engine runs well and I have just paid for new clutch but I probably will have to.
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

It sounds as if your Berlingo is leaking from the seal at the front of the pump. This is behind the drive belt toothed wheel. I have in the past managed to replace this in situ, it involves removing the belt & wheel etc.
The problem is obtaining the seal, as most people say it cannot be purchased. I may have one at work, but not back until Monday, so if you are patient, I will have a look for you.
Thank you for your post sir.
I have spoken to a diesel specialist on the phone today and he thinks it is the main shaft bearing that has gone and caused the seal to fail.  Also, given the amount of diesel that has spilled out, both he and a garage that has actually looked at it think it will need another timing belt.  It only had the last one done by a Citroen engineer a year ago so that is just rubbing salt into the wounds as far as I feel.

Anyway, I got the number from the pump and it is: R8448B391C
I never knew that there are so many variants to the R8448 model but I am finding it very hard to get an exact number match within an affordable budget.  I don't mind paying money for a remanufactured one but to have to pay nearly £200 for one off of a scrap vehicle that may or may not work and has no guarantee is a little galling.

How exact does the number have to be?  Is it possible to be within a certain range of the last 4 digits?

To summarise, I am looking for a good or remanufactured pump now to fit,  Anyone that can help please get in touch.

I don't wish to whinge but this truly may mean the end of the self employed little company that I run if I cant get this sorted for a reasonable sum before next Thursday as I have a big event that weekend.  Not your problem but I just felt the need to vent.
My local scrap bloke will sell a pump for less than £80, but obviously you need to get it fitted. This is quite a job, as the immobiliser has to be removed, and a hard wired solenoid fitted. Not a job for you average home mechanic Iam afraid.
I have had to bite the bullet and buy a remanufactured pump from pfJones.
It is going to mean that I bought the car twice in effect when this is paid out but, hopefully, it will mean a good few years of bill free usage.
It needs to be or I am going to take early retirement.
Thanks for your help Lighty

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