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[Engine] 115 or 90?
Just wondering what the difference is, practically speaking, between these two engines;  My current has the smaller and I`ve not been underwhelmed.  Reason I bought it was it ticked all the boxes bar one, since I expect it to pull a caravan.

Having done just that last week, I really wonder why I bothered with the XTR 115 or the 110 previously. . . . I have a VTR Plus instead without those blacked out windows and she runs strangely well.

Anybody concur with this?
Mine's has the 90 engine and like you was a little concerned it may struggle to pull the rice pudding skin off. A recent trip to a wedding with 5 grown adults and a mix of motorway and rural roads proved otherwise especially on the return trip where the taps were opened and was surprised how well it pulled.
I have read on here that the more powerful engine(s) are more economical however.
My MK 2 has the 90 & it goes like the proverbial off a shovel.It goes well loaded or not.Have cancelled my Ferrari!!!
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
When I bought my 110 XTR, I also test drove the a 90 XTR and I thought the 110 had noticeably more 'pull' when accelerating.

It would probably come in handy with overtaking on A roads, but less of an issue on motorway driving.
I switched from a 150BHP car to my 90BHP Berlingo, and was fully expecting disappointment.

But it's absolutely fine - it's never tedious, either on motorway hills or B-road inclines. It basically goes as fast as I want it to, regardless of terrain.

Mine's the auto, and I've sent it up lots of hills with the cruise control set to 30mph in 4th gear. If I was driving manually I'd go down to third, but it never seems to - it just purrs up the hill as though it's not there.
Took my mk3 90bhp up Porlock hill last week (1 in 4), pulled up the hill so easy with plenty to spare, was really quite impressed!
If unsuitable remapping the ecu is a start...

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my 90 running full chiller conversion (so heavy and engine driven air con compressor) makes it up the step hills around my home town Felixstowe no issues, even surprised a passenger going up in 3rd when most take it in 2nd, just keep it on boost or it's gutless like ALL diesels now days
63 plate Berlingo working hard.....

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