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[Engine] Anti Pollution
Hi All,
I have just joined this forum - with the hope of helping others with a similar problem I had.
I have a Deisel 16HDI Berlingo Multispace - early 2009. I bought it approx 4 years ago with only 5000 miles on it and since then I have only done a further 20000. I have mentioned tit to a high standard - regular seviced etc - last one by main dealer. So goes... The other day i started the engine and noticed a Audible "Bleep" - I looked at the dash to see any lights- and nothing what should not have been there was there- so off I went - for 10 yards when the car just stopped dead and the Anti pollution fault came up. I hadn't a clue!. So turned the engine again - and off we went - for a further 50 yards. and same again happened. -Again turned the key - off we went again - this time for a mile until it just gave up. Incidently - it litrally just stopped - as like before but I was doing 30 mile per hour at the time - and the power steering went - which is quite a shock when your doing that speed- (glad I was not on the motorway ) So situation is - car has just stopped and Anti Pollution fault coming up on screen. I called the AA and he came out - he could not get a reading to what the fault was for some reason. He also took the positive cable of the battery to test battery amongst other things. Next thing he attached the positive cable again to battery and asked me to try turn engine over again - Perfect! started first time and off we went- only back home this time as was a little worried if I went too far it may pack in again. That evening I do what we all do - consult google for any problems we have. -in my search bar I just put in - Citroen Berlingo Diesel Anti Pollution Fault.
To my horror - and nearly on every forum I consulted - folk came up with the DPF - would need regeneration at worst changing. It was going to cost me a fortune! One thing that niggled me though was the fact that in all other cases I had read - the car will turn over - mine would not.Hmmm. So anyhow next morning, I tried to start car again - nothing - I tried removing the terminal from the battery for 20 mins then attaching it again thinking this would work again (as the AA guy told me it some time resets the ECU a bit like when you have to tun off your modem off at home for 5 mins to get back on the net) Anyhow that did not work - so once again called the AA out again. -After once again trying to get a reading on his computer to diagnose the fault failed- He had no clue to what it could be- possible electrical. the car went to on a tow truck to the main dealer - Lookers Citroen. Long story short - after they had the car a few days - they had found the fault - it was the ECU- and it needed replacing at a cost of -wait for it - £1200!!!!!. After getting back up off the floor - I made a few phone calls and came a cross a company called Camco in Warrington. They said as long as I have the original ECU they can collect it - take all the info off that and put that on a bank ECU - cost £350 fully inclusive. So, I had to now get my car back from Lookers - that cost me £50 to have it on the back of a tow truck, then....Lookers asked my for £220 - yep - that was the cost of just telling me what the problem was! Talk about getting ripped off! - So now alls I needed to do is get my ECU out and have it replaced- How the hell do you take a ECU out- in fact were is the bloody thing in the car.? As you can guess - I am not in the least mechanically minded - no worries - just google it - After 3 hours of searching the net on where the ECU is located in a Citroen Berlingo and finding nothing - (honestly try it yourself) My good friend Tom got it taken out for me- and now I Know where it is located and how easy it is too. Camco had the replacement ECU back to me within 48 Hours - and now ..all is well......

I have written the above to make other folk aware of several things -If you get a Anti Polloution coming on in your diesel it is not always your DPF. Also hopefully when anyone else may have the problem and faults coming up on there Citroen or other car- when gooling - this thread may come up (if I could have found something like it would have saved me £100s . It cost me a total of £620 - whereas if i had known what the fault was it would have just cost me £350 - having said that Lookers wanted £1200. One thing I have learnt also - I don't require a diesel - I only do very short journeys approx 4- 5 mile runs with the occasional motorway run...and I don't want the to be paying for a DPF in the next few months. Anyhow I do hope this may help someone else out there - save them a lot of time and money. Alan
Hello Mr.alan welcome to the forum good to have you with us thank you for the useful info i'm sure it will come in handy
as for the DPF / FAP you can have it removed and a map to deleted form the ECU so you won't have to pay for a new one and not to worry about the sort journeys also it will pass a mot i don't know where you live but Lighty on this forum can give you a price to do it
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Unwise to remove antipollution bits now as it will be mot failure if inspector checks. Antipollution warning will come on for various reasons, mine when egr vave failed. To diagnose it will often need to be plugged in at main dealer workshop though. Unfortunate about ECU. In future if you get premature failure of a major component its worth exchanging emails with Citroen UK. When my egr valve failed at 3.5yrs Citroen UK ended up paying £300 of £500 cost so a reasonable result.
When wrote remove the DPF /FAP i ment the inside of the DPF/FAP not the can it self and delete it with a map as there is no need for it any more i also had the EGR deleted and it will pass an MOT as i have had mine done and it past the mot at a Citroen garage i hope that make's it clear no red light's
Done at the owner's risk
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Since earlier this yr it is an Mot failure if dpf found by tester to have been removed. If tester does not check then car will pass. If recommending this on a forum it should always be pointed out that dpf removal is a potential Mot failure so work done at owner's risk.
(05-12-2014, 09:51 PM)Opensauce Wrote:  Since earlier this yr it is an Mot failure if dpf found by tester to have been removed. If tester does not check then car will pass. If recommending this on a forum it should always be pointed out that dpf removal is a potential Mot failure so work done at owner's risk.
Good point 
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My peugeot partner diesel showed anit pollution on the display.. Two mechanics and some great work showed it to be a blocked fuel filter..
That was a couple of months ago,still going strong..!
So yes it's not always a dpf...
Wurth sell a dpf clean out product as well..

Happy motoring
Hi All,- yes was looking at getting the DPF removed but as from Feb 2014 - if tester sees it has been tampered with - MOT failure. To be honest after gleaning the net for more info - I have come to the conclusion I know longer want a diesel. Great if you are going long journeys - but as I only do around 5000 per year - and the majority of that is urban in the long run I am better off with a petrol. This is a early 2009 and only done 24000...anyone want to buy a Berlingo Multisapce ?? LOL...
Citroen/Peugeot dpf rarely give trouble, if you can get it out on a dual carrigeway every few weeks & run it for 10miles above 50mph you should have no problems.
mine did this twice, citroen said ecu or injectors, was just blocked fuel filter like poster above, it threw up fault in ecu, something about fuel pressure when they checked it
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