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[Engine] DMF's
Suddenly, the clutch pedal, when depressed, makes a metallic screeching noise. Any gear selection, to pull away from stopped, or changing up or down while in motion is a noisy experience.... The bingo, (2004 reg. but I'm thinking 2003 manufacture, because it's a non turbo diesel of 1868cc) got taken to my local mechanichian, who said "oh dear oh dear oh dear, I've recently done (the clutch) one of these, so very very expensive, 'cos (he says) it has a dual mass flywheel" £800-900, he estimated, or remembered vaguely. "I'll drag it apart next Thursday, and take a look."
I'm thinking it's a very fine line, between spending that kind of money, on top of the £1400 I paid for the car 4 months ago, and taking it to the dump.
Dual mass flywheels (DMF's) I'd heard about but the words didn't mean much to me, so, at home I searched the internet for enlightenment. I now know a little more about them, what they do, and why they're fitted (to a variety of vehicles)
The thing is I have this hope that Mr mech. is wrong, and my non turbo 1868cc diesel doesn't have the dual mass flywheel set-up.
The Haynes book doesn't mention it, (in the sections dealing with the 1.9d) but does mention a DMF being present, for instance, in the 1.6 HDI sections, with me now hoping that they're only fitted to the turbocharged cars? And perhaps Mr mech.'s recent clutch job on a Bingo was a turbo'd one?
I don't think it's fitted with a DMF if you get your reg or vin number ring a Citroen dealer or motor facktor and you want a clutch for just ask if it's a DMF it sounds like your thrust bearing not the clutch but if you take it apart you just as well put a clutch / pressure plate in
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You won't have a DMF on there, just fit a new clutch and release bearing.
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Thanks for the comments friends. I'll leave it to Mr mech. on Thursday to perform the necessary. I'm sure he'll give me the good news (no DMF in here) in due course.

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