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[Engine] EGR location
Hi all

I'm new to this forum, and a complete numpty when it comes to mechanics, so please bear this in mind Smile

I have a 2010 Berlingo 1.6 HDi and need to get to and clean the EGR valve. The engine is very sluggish and the screen keeps telling me 'Fault Anti Pollution'. Trouble is I have absolutely no idea where it is on the engine. Can anyone help this mechanical idiot?!!

Thanks in advance

Hi tony its at back of engine under air filter box it has electrical connection on it also held in with two torx bolts and a stell clip toe taus the canister , when removing and refitting be careful with the tin gasket has a habit of falling out
Thanks denisg1973. How the hell do you get to the back of these engines?

Make sure you do have an EGR fault first. I kept getting the 'Fault Anti Pollution' warning but it was a fuel leak at the filter allowing air into the system. With the vehicle parked overnight, especially if the front was higher than the rear, the vehicle would start and run for a few seconds or until the accelerator was pressed, then it would stall and display the fault warning. Priming the fuel system (the bulb was full of air) would get it running again but sometimes the warning would light take a few miles to clear. Priming the fuel system before starting stopped the fault appearing and confirmed my diagnosis.

hi......... you need to remove the scuttle to gain access to egr valve. first remove pipework, air filter top .then remove scuttle,  a bit time consuming, but easier in the long run. there's good guide on here for this model to download.
Thanks reedx. The vehicle never stalls, and the Citroen garage that looked at it plugged it into the diagnostics and told me it needed replacing. However, I prefer to give it a clean first, as they want 450 Euros for a new valve!!

Thanks gazahull, I figured I had to remove the piping. What is a scuttle? Where's the model download on this site?
hi. scuttle bottom of windscreen under window wipers.        .manual download from [pk7478]
air filter plastic piping
Yes of course, thanks gazahull

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