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[Engine] From Bad to Worse
I have a berlingo multispace 1.9d timing belt broke unfortunate set of circumstances power steering pump leaked onto auxiliary belt then took out timing belt. Went in to be sorted was there 2 weeks £750 pounds lighter, on a cold start up makes a heck of a noise so asked the garage to have another look. They now say its the hydraulic tappets they can be moved quite easy so they are rattling. Dose my o3 berlingo 1.9d have hydraulic tappets as i thought they had to have shims on them and be adjusted and if they are hydraulic how much are they to get replaced.
Many thanks in advance
You're right,shims,not hydraulic.I would be very suspicious of their motives.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Thanks Ron for the reply. Thought I was loosing my mind, read the Haynes manual and it says 1.6 hydraulic 1.9 shims not sure what they are up to.
Hi could anyone put me onto a reputable diesel specialists here in Lancashire near Rossendale as I am starting to loose confidence in my local garage. Many thanks
Update on our berlingo garage now says the tappets are shims as Ron said you can press then down quite easy with screw driver. But know one knows why it is rattiling on the top end I thought it was a lack of oil to the head. But they say the oil is OK. Seen it today with cover off showing me the tappets did notice that two of the ports on the manifold were very wet like oil the others dry like soot has anyone got any ideas as the garage are lost and I am £750 poorer.
Many thanks
Have they got the fuel injection timing correct.  If it is wrong its makes a really worrying noise as if the big ends are gone.

I would be querying why the ports (inlet ?) are wet , it may be the valves are letting the fuel/ air mixture back out when under pressure. As if the valves are not seating properly or fuel injecting before valves properly closed.?

Its a pity you paid them before trying it out.  If I gave them £750 for repairs  I would expect them to know how to repair it. Dodgy
Hi update on my berlingo its sorted. The garage said it was the cam shaft pulley that was rattling been using the car for a few days and up to now all is well I think.

Thanks for your help and advice.
that means they didn't torque it properly the first time ?
chance nothing happened for the same the belt was gone again .
Nice to see you got it sorted a worrying time for you happy day's a gain  Smile
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