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[Engine] Fuel economy issue
New to this forum, looking for some help with my new 60 plate 1.6 HDI Berlingo MPV Xtra
Sorry for the long post or if it is in the wrong area of the forum.

Purchased this vehicle in late January having previously owned a Xsara Picasso
Not sure what people are getting to the gallon out of these but I think my one is well under performing.
The on-board computer is telling me that I am getting 35.4 mpg
raised the issue with the dealer who told me to run the tank as close to empty as possible with less than 15 miles showing and covered 412 miles.
the dealer then drained off the remaining fuel and put in a set amount of diesel drove the car apparently for 53 miles at 30mph
the gauge confirmed that they achieved 60+ MPG so sent the car back to me as no issue as this was the test set out by Citroen
as soon as I drive the car around in normal everyday usage mixed driving back to reading 36 mpg tops
anybody else had this issue (I know its not my driving as my Xsara Picasso could achieve 45+ on the same daily commute and on a run motorway constant 54+)
Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue could be, it is driving me crazy trying to get the MPG back to something sensible.
Just keep a note of the amount of fuel put in and miles covered, you will soon find out the true mileage.

The garage probably took it a run with no stops or starts between for a couple of hours. This would bump up the reading on the computer. Its all to do with how the computer works out the mileage.
My average MPG in my 1.6HDI (calculated using Fuely app) is about 50mpg. I think lowest is 43mpg & highest is 58mpg.

Either somethings wrong or you have a very heavy right foot!

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I do mostly short trips in town and country lanes. Motorway only a couple of times per year for any distance. On board computer is locked at a steady 49 mpg.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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I have just changed to a 2010 1.6hdi Berlingo XTR back in January with just over 18000 miles on the clock the worst I had is 48.6 mpg up to 51.3mpg but it averages out to 49.5mpg with motorway town etc I have been using Diesel Redex with fills of the tank since I have had it though do not know if it does any good some say supermarket fuel is not good but to be fair that is all I use Tesco's mostly

Can we assume you're running with no load and correct tyre inflation?
I've only had mine for two tanks of fuel but I'm averaging about 45 on the computer which sounds about right given short trips, a roof rack and a lightly-loaded boot.
The first on-board comp. could be wrong so as per an earlier post, keep track of your total accumulated distance & fueling: this will give you an accurate measure over time.
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I notice you live in Wales, if there are steep hills on your commute then this will increase fuel consumption. I live in Essex which is flat & the readout is generally 48.6 for mix of town & longer trips.

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