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[Engine] Hdi still randomly not starting *filter?
As per when I posted a while back my HDi is still randomly not starting hope no one minds but started a new post becouse I think I have narrowed the problem down and I need your help :-).

I noticed when it refuses to start the clear plastic pipes from the primer bulb and the filter to the pump are 1/2 Diesel 1/2 air and when cranking no fuel is going through.

Im sure its airlocking if I primed the bulb to the filter it seemed totally locked up then it would weep fuel from the filter seal so I tightened it and the car run fine for a week with no bubbles in the clear pipes.

Last night it refused to start again no matter what so this morning I have fitted a new filter and seal and eventually got the air out of the pipes and its running great however if I stop the engine and prime the bulb its still weeping fuel at the diesel filter seal do they all do this as I suppose something has to give Undecided

Failing that could it be the plastic top itself thats warped or not sealing correctly?
It shouldn't weep from the housing. Does sound like it or its lid might be distorted. For info: pretty sure all my hdis have had the odd air bubble in the transparent pipe from the priming bulb although never affected starting.
If your filter housing leaks diesel under pressure it must be pulling in air when under vacuum. Can you get hold of another housing from a scrapper or get a new one? Good luck!
Cheers for replying,

I have been keeping my eye on it and the seal is a lot better at the moment but If I rev the car whilst under the bonnet the only pipe that you can see air bubbles is the clear one from the filter to the pump .i.e the more revs the more air heading into pump so as you say the filter housing maybe distorted. When I get chance I will get to scrappers and remove the whole assembly including pipes :-)
Just thought it was worth updating this, Since tightening the fuel filter housing up tight with a filter wrench it start fine now

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Job done!

Glad it turned out to be a simple fix for you
(24-04-2014, 11:49 AM)homeruk Wrote:  Job done!

Glad it turned out to be a simple fix for you

For future reference if you have a suspected air ingress simply use a dollop of " Plasticine " around the joint to temporarily seal it off, quick and easy diagnosis. Having children or grandchildren around does have its benefits after all.


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