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[Engine] How long to warm up to temp?
Evening all!

just wondering how long it takes for your cars to get to temp in this cold snap.

my new to me 54plate berlingo seems to take an age to get warm. well over five miles to even look at 70 on the dial.

will be changing the thermostat tomorrow for a new one. and will see how it runs then.

but was just wondering.........  Dodgy
You don't say whether it's petrol or diesel.My 57 HDI take about 5 miles to warm up but my new 65 HDi is warm after only 3 miles.Petrol normally warm up a bit quicker.
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sorry Ron. should have known better. 2.0 hdi dirty diesel.
In that case I would think 5 miles in cold weather is OK.When warm,does guage stay steady?If so the T/stat should be OK.
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the 2.0hdi engine is notorious for taking a long time to warm up no matter what vehicle its fitted in. 5 miles is quite good to be honest.
temp stays ok. but if you carry on, as in a longer journey the temp goes all the way to 90 and your warm as toast. 
I will see what new stat does and report back. 

Ive only had the car a week, and ive only used it for work, and perhaps comparing it to much with my carina. 

Im just airing on the side of caution and asking you guys who have been running these cars for ages. 

Perhaps the overheating problem and blown head gasket on my old toyota carina has got me a little paranoid.  Sad
Our 03 2.0Hdi never gets up to 90° but hovers round 80° and like the others it takes a fair while to get there in this weather but it is consistent.
So where does this bit go then ?
My 1.9d will open the stat after 3 miles from a screen scraping -2* start and this is with open roads from the off so 35 to 40 mph for 2 miles followed by 1 mile motorway at 50 mph ...............

please note though that this is just the thermostat opening ( you can see the needle twitch, I always look for this before going any faster on the motorway ) and that the cab itself is still cold with any air then being drawn into the cab via the heater only having just have the smallest amount of heat in it.

After a further 2 miles the cab becomes nice and warm.

A Berlingo has a bigger cab than a Carina which makes you feel cooler for longer.
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stat changed. been on a decent run out today. Didn't take as long to get warm, and was warm as toast in no time at all.
temp never went over 80.  Smile
(18-01-2016, 04:47 PM)dieselj Wrote:  stat changed. been on a decent run out today. Didn't take as long to get warm, and was warm as toast in no time at all.
temp never went over 80.  Smile

Good oh Big Grin
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