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[Engine] Non-starter.
Well, ive got a whopper of a problem and a really hope anyone can help.

My frined has a 2.0 diesel berlingo which has just had the engine swapped out. Everything is where it should be but the [expletive] thing wont run. It will crank over but it flatly and sutbbornly refuses to comply.

The "new" engine is a known good runner (it was taken out of a donor car that was driven under its own power to my friend's without a problem). IT has not been bashed, thumped, walloped or otherwise punished..... that might change soon if it doesnt start.

We have checked the fuel - There is some and its fresh, with no air in it.
We have checked the fuel supply - its moving and you can smell it leaving the exhaust pipe.
We have tried new/completely recharged batteries.
We have inspected the glow plugs - theyre perfect.

The only thing is concern is that the glow plug power supply doesnt seem to be working, which i attribute to the temperate gauge being up the spout.... although this might be a red herring.

Anything else we could while the hours away by checking?

Any help is appreciated as im teetering on a full blown Basil Fawlty moment.
Welcome to the forum ,
What age was the donor and the new one? Was the engine swapped for an identical one. ? . Ideally it should be the same age and fuel system. The immobiliser might have something to do with it.

There are plenty of threads on non-starting and glow plugs , and the pitfalls when swapping engines , try searching for them.
Does it kick on ether spray?
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Thanks for the replies.

The engine is out of a C5 that was registered in the same week as the [expletive] [expletive] Berlingo. I know that doesnt prove much. However the engine serial number are quite close too.

It very, very nearly starts on easy start, but it flat out refuses to fire none the less.
I'm no expert on the intricacies of diesel engines but I would think that if the engines have different injector pumps
then it would be necessary to swap the ECUs over as well.
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Both fuel pumps are identical Sei(ie?)mens units. They have been dismissed as the cause of the problem because fuel is moving and managing to get into the cylinders and out of the exhaust.

The only grey area about the fuel, is that we dont know what the fuel pressure should be or what it actually is. But given that the pump worked perfectly before the move and wasnt interfeared with during the swap, its safe to bet that if its working, its working perfect.
There may be fuel there, but is it coming out of the injectors?

Take one out and crank it over, you may wish to place a receptacle over the injector for this test.......
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I wouldn't do that on an HDi. Too much risk of it jabbing high pressure diesel into your flesh.

I'd be pinning the motor up and confirming all rockers are intact.
The engine is mechanicaly in tact, its only been about a week since it last ran without a fault.
(11-09-2013, 03:01 PM)WheresThatBoltGone Wrote:  The engine is mechanicaly in tact, its only been about a week since it last ran without a fault.

Hi can you confirm a few things;
Is the engine management light on?
Do you get all lights on the dash?
Are the crankshaft and camshaft sensors connected?
Did you transfer the whole engine and box with engine wiring loom complete?
I have just changed the engine in my 2.0 hdi had afew teething problems but all sorted now.It sounds to me like it is something electrical,is it possible you have trapped a wire or something.Just out of daftness go to the fuse box next to steering wheel,in the front middle there is a fuse (I think its grey in colour remove it and replace after checking it but leave it out for 5 minutes) I was told that this resets your bis.Just a chance that it will work

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