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[Engine] Oil around fuel injectors
hi fellow members. Has anybody had any problems getting fuel injectors to seal. I have changed the rubber washers twice now but two of them, don't want to seal and when i am noticing oil around injector after driving it.

Cheers lewis
It is not oil, it is blow-by from the combustion chamber, that looks like oil. I presume that you have replaced the copper washers / injector seals when you replaced the rubber seals? Don't ignore it, it can contaminate the oil and cause expensive problems.
What engine?
(19-12-2015, 04:46 PM)polar Wrote:  What engine?

This is one of my pet hates as there are about 6 engine choices in that model. We're not even sure if it's petrol or diesel.
1.6hdi judging from his last post.
It is a 1.6hdi. I've had 3 no injectors cleaned plus one new one so the copper washers have been replaced as well
If that is the case it sounds like something has not been done right if the washers were replaced and all the carbon cleaned off the seats and injectors it should not leak.

Were the injector seats recut? I ask because this does need to be done if they have been getting blow by for any length of time.

As mentioned before in this tread this is not something to ignore - in fact if they have been leaking you need to remove the sump and turbo filters and check for carbon build up.
Have you replaced the upper seals and nylon rings

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Have you got the Leak off rail properly fitted and clips located?
If you wash off the area with brake parts cleaner and let it dry, you can then puff some talcum powder around the area. When you run it up, the source of the leak should become apparent by the wet area of talc.
Just wash it all away when you've finished
The seats were not recut and the upper plastic washer were not replaced. I did wash it with engine cleaner then run engine and it's starts the run around fuel injectors.

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