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Engine Oil for 2.0 HDi - Why three choices?

I'd like to change the oil in my newly purchased berlingo. Looking at some of the old service documents, (including some main dealers documents) 10W-40 was used.

When checking online (and other threads on here) some mention the use of 5W-40 or 5W-30.

The citroen maintenance guide states that 10W-40 (B3) and and 5W-30 (A5/B5) should not be used on HDIs with a particle filter, which I don't think I have (I have a DW10TD engine).

Could someone please enlighten me as to why there are 3 choices? I want to use the best oil but I don't understand what the difference between these oil grades are and which is the best to use. My berlingo is a 04 and the engine has done 95K if that makes any difference.

Really appreciate any help on this one.
Hi , i run a 2005 2.0 hdi with 85000 , i was told by a friend who works for a citroen specialist to use a good quailty 5/40 fully and in the 2 years of ownership with no problems , Hope this helps
Have a look here:-

10/40 semi for me. Now on 187,000

Oh, and you won't have a DPF
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Some of it is because since that engine was designed oil technology has moved on.

Another reason is after a certain engine goes into service the manufacturer may change the oil spec. A perfect example is the 1.6hdi which started on 10/40 semi but now has 5/30 fully as standard - this is due to the long service intervals and blowing turbos.

Other reasons are the engine may be used in many different countries and different conditions.
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OK, this is all starting to make more sense now.

Well seeing as mine started off using 10W-40 10 years ago, if oil technology has moved on does anyone know what I should be using now? I'm hoping to take this engine to 200K plus, don't want to buy another vehicle for a looong time!
Do the service records say if the oil was a semi or full
I would go for the 5/30 synth.the engine is only as good as the oil in it.Confusedalut::thumbsup:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Unfortunately the paperwork just says 10W-40 and doesn't mention if it's fully or semi-synthetic.
(26-06-2014, 06:32 PM)cha1n Wrote:  Unfortunately the paperwork just says 10W-40 and doesn't mention if it's fully or semi-synthetic.

I believe 10/40 is only semi.Confusedalut:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Thanks Ron.

Got my girlfriend's dad to see what was listed against it today (he works in a motor factors) and he said 'Platinum 10/40 semi-synthetic but he was recommending putting a fully synthetic in. He's not very mechanically minded but claims to have been recommended to go fully synthetic if you can, think he recommended 5/40.

This is so confusing, I wish everyone agreed on one! I realise that I can't go wrong with 10/40 as that's what is spec'd but I'd rather put a better quality oil in if possible.

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