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[Engine] Partner with injector trouble?
Hi folks!
I have a 2005 Peugeot Partner Totem, its fitted with the DW8 WJY engine. It has covered quite a few miles now is showing just short of 200,000. It has a filter service every 5,000 miles and the rest is done at usual intervals.

It started to developed a noise the other week, was sounding loud/harsh as if had no air pipe fitted then threw up a fault. I cannot remember the exact code but it was something like 'Electronic injector sensor implausible' but don't quote me!:S

I thought it was probably about time the injectors came out and were overhauled so I got a new set of Delphi nozzles (same as injectors), checked codes on the nozzles and were correct. I stripped the old injectors and they were really cruddy, cleaned everything thoroughly and reassembled, bled out the air and it fired straight up. There was an improvement but it still didn't sound right. I took it out on road test but when revved to 4000rpm it made one hell of a noise like the bottom end had let go!!! I limped it back and checked everything, had the same fault code come back so slackened off the feed to cylinder with electronic injector and the noise went away although it was only running on 3 cylinders then.

My question is:
Have any of you had many problems with the electronic injector on the DW8's like I described and if so can I use a normal, non electronic one to see what happens?
It sounded terrible, there is a chance it could be diesel knock but then it could be a knackered piston, especially given the mileage, I have got a mint WJZ DW8 kicking about that came out of an accident damaged 306, are these engines interchangeable? Is it unusual for DW8's to die like this??
Kind regards and thanks in advance
Steve Smile

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