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[Engine] Random Starting Issues
Hi guys, I've only been a Berlingo owner for 3 months and it appears I have developed my first fault.  Huh

My Berlingo is a 14 plate 1.6 Diesel multispace (Semi Auto) and Im using it to do delivery work.
On average it will be required to start and stop some 60-80 times a day/6 Days a week which is not a small ask of any vehicle. My previous Toyota did this faultless for some 6 years straight without missing a beat.

All's been going with the Berlingo until this last couple of weeks, Its started having completely random issues restarting. I pull up to an address, The Eco-Off will usually stop the engine if I've got my belt on and I remove the key while the engine is off in eco mode.    
When I put the key back in and cycle the starter the engine will not start, It just chugs away under the starter's power. I then have to resort to holding the accelerator pedal 80% open and cycle the starter 3-4 times for around 3 seconds a time before the engine fires.
This has only happened around 5 times in the last 2 weeks but today it happened twice in the space of 3 hours and now has me worried.

After it eventually starts everything becomes normal again and even if you immediately stop and restart the engine it will work perfectly normal. Its not a consecutive thing and has been unpredictable. The issue has never occurred when the Stop/Start system runs when driving around, only when I take the key out and do a delivery.  

One thought that went through me head today, Could this be the Stop/start system that's causing it?  Engine Eco's off and prepares itself to restart on its own but I then pull the plug by switching the ignition off while its in eco off mode? Could I be confusing it?
Should I be making sure the engine running when I pull the Key? (Taking the belt off is a quick way to do this)

The reason Im thinking this is because It never seems to develop the issue when the engine is shut off by me turning the key.
Today after it did it on the morning I started pushing the button to disable the Start/Stop system but after doing it some 20+ times I gave up which was when it then did it again!  

I really appreciate any thoughts on this issue as I have no Idea when it comes to engines etc and could be barking up the wrong tree for all I know.
Until I can find the time to get it into a garage Im stuck guessing.

PS, I hope this is the right section of the forum to post this!

Can you disable the auto stop start function ?
So where does this bit go then ?
Only temporarily ffrenchie, it can't be turned off permanently, as it resets itself to active when you turn the engine off.
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
(12-06-2015, 03:12 PM)ffrenchie Wrote:  Can you disable the auto stop start function ?

Thats what I've been doing all day today while out delivering and the engine never faulted once (Even in 23oC heat!), You have to re disable the Start/Stop every time you restart and today I had to do that some 69 times!

I have no idea if this is the cause, but its the best line of investigation for now so I think Im going to have to keep disabling and see if the fault re occurs with it switched off.
(12-06-2015, 06:45 PM)jayjay2cv Wrote:  Only temporarily ffrenchie, it can't be turned off permanently, as it resets itself to active when you turn the engine off.

And pushing that bloody button every time becomes very annoying!
I understand why they've done it but I'd much prefer a toggle switch that would maintain the setting.

My goal for the time being is to not remove the key in 'Eco-off' mode to see if thats causing the issue. If it re occurs with a 'running' ignition switch off then im back to the drawing board
Did you ever get to the bottom of this Hughzie? I have a 2014 XTR with the auto box and stop/start, and this morning I experienced the same as you. I pulled up in the car park, the engine stopped via stop/start and I removed the key and got out. After getting out, I noticed that I hadn't gone far enough forward so I got back in, and when I turned the key to restart it, it just churned away on the starter but wouldn't fire. It was fine when I went back to it tonight.
2014 Berlingo Multispace 1.6 e-Hdi XTR ETG6
Just replied to your PM Jay, Been a bit manic lately so missed your post.

Talked to a local garage but the guy said it would be very difficult to trouble shoot as its not a regular thing and not something that could be repeated easily at the garage for him to witness.

I've ended up changing my routine now and only pull the key out when the engine is running and its never happened since. Clearly its something to do with the way the Stop/Start system shuts off.
Im switching the Berlingo on/off a minimum of 70 times a day, 6 days a week at the moment so its getting a good hammering.

Just wish you could have full control of the Stop/Start so you could decide when it was active without having to push the bloody button Every time.
14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
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  • jayjay2cv
I dont know a lot about these systems but my friend who owns his own garage business was only talking about these systems a couple off weeks ago and im sure he said that it can be disabled through the ECU somehow,i assume that this will involve plugging in a computer.Ill find out more but as im really busy and wont be seeing him for a couple of weeks,if im right ill let you know.
I've driven a few cars with Stop/Start, still own a Toyota and my parents own VW's and the Citroen is hands down the most obsessive S/S er going.
The Toyota will only S/S once then wait a full min and a half before doing it again, The VW waits until you've been stationary for 20 seconds, My Berlingo has switched off while coasting down a hill and while your still moving.

Its just tooooo obsessive and needs to be toned down a bit.

Dont get me wrong, when sitting in traffic I like the fact its not wasting fuel but cutting out when im changing from forward to reverse is a bit stupid.
14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
Ive never had the pleasure, but it does sound rather irritating and i would question how much fuel it would save unless your in somewhere like London in which case it would be better i think on a bike ,a motorbike that is,definitely not a push bike ,sorry i digress.I would need to find out at some stage as i am considering purchasing a newer Lingo at some stage in the future.I will try and find time soon and let you know.All the best for now.

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