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[Engine] Smoke, Jumpy Startup
Hello, first post on the forum,

I have a T reg 1999 Berlingo 1.9 (no turbo) *edit* 147K and have had a niggling problem for the past 18 months that I can't seem to track down. She has just failed her MOT for the wiper linkage and Brake Load Sensing valve and I thought I would whilst sorting these see if I can fix the poor start up.

I have replaced the glow plugs and replaced the fuel filter, and the van is well maintained in terms of quality oil and filters etc and am not able to track down this fault online or by my own diagnostics. The symptons I have are:

1. Van very jumpy on start up - sometimes cuts out and stays jumpy for the first half/mile of journey

2. Smoke with a light blue tinge in when revving at start up bellows out - However it seems to be white if left kangarooing on idle.

3. One of the glow plugs (maybe two) were covered in oil when I replaced them

4. I think the head cover gasket is a bit iffy as there is oil around the seals

5. It does not drink oil at all - never needs topping up

6. Once warm runs like an absolute train, and starts with no issues whatsoever.

7. The symptoms dont really fluctuate between winter and summer

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the cause of this as I have read around and new glow plugs seemed to be the answer but alas on such luck.

Thanks for any advice, all set to replace the spring on the Brake Load Sensing Valve tomorrow, likely to be a job that requires some patience!

There are posts on here about the 1.9 engine that when you get higher mileage the valve clearances need checking and adjusting as it causes cold start problems. Have a search cant remember the posts but some of the other members may be able to help.
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had a simmilar problem was down to a faulty sensor on top of the gear box reads the flywheel tho did throw engine warning light caused lumpy running and smoke
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Have a look at this thread dude....Smile
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Thanks guys, I will go through these new avenues and see how I get on - Changed the spring on the Load Sensing Valve yesterday - that was a pig of a job without ramps!

Appreciate the help
Let us know how you got on with the load sensor spring, its one of the 'to do's..' in my list, any hints, tips would be appreciated....

Why is it always raining when I get the tools out.... ??!!

(09-03-2013, 04:30 PM)Driver33 Wrote:  Let us know how you got on with the load sensor spring, its one of the 'to do's..' in my list, any hints, tips would be appreciated....

Why is it always raining when I get the tools out.... ??!!


I got soaked through doing it yesterday and it hasn't rained today, sods law...

In terms of the LSV spring, I ordered one from Ebay as there is a company who makes them, PM me if you need the details but it's easy enough to find for about 20 quid. I don't think Citroen or any parts dealers sell them as stock, only as part of a brand new LSV unit.

Mine had snapped where it hooks onto the chasis and failed an MOT on the linkage missing and seized. My experience of changing it is:

1. Patience is required, its very tricky but do-able

2. Remove the spare tire from under the van and jack up the drivers rear side and remove the wheel to start with - this will help you see how it all connects and will make removing the old spring easier.

2. To remove the old spring, I have read about cutting it off where it passes through the lever arm on the LSV unit. Personally I sprayed it with WD40 and whilst holding the spring at the broken end (to stop it spinning), I managed to undo the retaining cone using the hex screw without too much trouble (although very tight and fiddly)

3. Fitting the new spring - The car should be on the ground with no load in it when doing this so you need to put the rear wheel back on and have either a slim build, some ramps, or a pit - I'm of slim build fortunately.

4. The spring I fitted is different to the stock one, and tightens up using a dome nut and a retaining nut. The company who sells them emails you the instructions for correct fitting calibration etc when you get a spring - I dont want to post that up here as I dont know the rules on that kind of thing.

I am sure this information is about as useful as [insert line here] but hopefully it may help in some way!


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....Looks to me like it might be worthwhile in the 'Howto' section. Thanks, Steve.

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