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[Engine] Starting a S/H engine
I have a problem with a 2005/06 Berlingo 1.9 D 70. I have fitted a second hand engine after a major mechanical failure in the original engine (I suspect a bust con rod but have not stripped it yet). The S/H engine is visually identical and has compression, before installation I checked timing, fitted a new water pump cam belt etc. I also had to use the flywheel from the original engine as the S/H unit did not have one.  All the lights on the dash behave properly, the engine cranks but will not start.
There was a small leak from the manual priming pump, around the base of the plunger so I fitted the Filter/pump assembly from the original unit, it still did not start. I understand that the fuel system can be difficult to bleed so I rigged up a gravity feed to the distributer pump, still did not start, so while the engne was turning on the starter I undid the No.1 injector pipe at the injector a couple of flats, no fuel showing at all.
I now understand that the stop solenoid on the distributer pump is controlled by the immobiliser, could the problem be that as the pump on the S/H engine is different to that of the original unit the ECU does not recognise it?
I suppose i could swop the distributer pumps over and try it but the lack of access around the timing gear with the engine installed makes it a job I would rather avoid. Might it be possible to just swop the solenoid on top of the pump? Any thoughts on my problem  would be much appreciated.
Hi there Julian welcome to the forum, there is a thread on the site somewhere that has pictures on how to remove the pump solenoid under the anti tamper plate. Have a search or perhaps other members can help.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
I've something the same had engine out to fit new parts and the only way I can start it now is by removing a injector plug ( two cables) with key in use a multi meter from each wire to earth and turn key to start ( don't know if this will work for you I've started a new tread to see can I find a more easer way to start van )
If you change the engine in these vehicles, you need to use the original diesel pump ( it is coded to the car, and can't be reprogrammed), or defeat the security device on the new pump, as mentioned above.
I was told not to start van the way I was doing it ( see other tread) 

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