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Engine removal question, new member....
Hi gang, just boight non runner MK1 Berlingo that apparently runs ok but loses water, what i would like to know is if it's not the usual stuck thermostat, leaking water pump, blown headgasket or dodge radiator cap and i have to change the engine...... Does it come out with the gearbox left in place or is it a whole unit out job? Cheers Joe Confusedanta:
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  • addo
Hello Joe, what engine's in it?
Soupdragon, I really, really recommend that you do four things:

1. Tell us which engine you have, mileage and all that.
2. Tell us everything that has been checked on your car.
3. Read the Gospel of Haynes, Chapter 3
4. Bash your head into a wall. It's less painful than pulling the engine...

On my 1.4i, it was:
Jack it up, remove front wheels.
Pull BOTH axles(righthand axle goes THROUGH the rear motor mount and is a pain in the... to pull)
Disconnect a lot of cables.
disconnect the fuel hoses.
Remove the air filter housing.
Disconnect the thin hose going from the inlet manifol to the master brake cylinder.
Remove the battery and battery box(mind the ECU at the back of the box)
Remove the tray the battery box was on(WD-40 is useful... The screws are bound to be a rusty mess)
Drain the gearbox oil...
Disconnect the gearbox linkages. (You did remember to drain first, right?)
By now you should also remove the hood as it'll be in the way.
Connect the hoist to the two hookup points.
Now it's time to disconnect the water hoses. There's TWO on the water pump housing(at least on thee Non-AC models) and two on the thermostat housing. Hopefully you drained it beforehand...
Drain the engine oil.
I suggest placing a jack under the sump and jacking it up a bit before...
unscrew the motor mounts. (Righthand side is the easiest, lefthand side is just over the gearbox, and the rear is a pain as you need to attack it from underneath)
Jack it up, and swear as things go pearshaped... I told you to disconnect ALL the wires...
Be very careful when lifting it out as it's very easy to not only damage the radiator(It may be a good idea to remove the radiator first, just to be safe), but it's also possible to break off the nipple on the inlet housing that is connected to the brake cylinder...

And that's a very, very simplified list... with none of the pictures available in the Gospel of Haynes.
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Sorry chaps, it's 1.9 litre diesel. Non turbo. Am fully capable of removing it and have all the tools i need etc. This will be last resort as was told it's using water but not headgasket so am looking at poss easy fix....
'Using water' can mean 'anything' really...

Why not list everything you've checked?

I assume that the oil is normal?

Have you compression-tested the cooling system?

I assume there's an overflow line from a reservoir?
Checked if it overflows there?
(Put a bottle on it, fire it up and let it run for a while)
If it overflows, I'd bet they lied about the headgasket...
The van is not being delivered till tom so yes will be borrowing a coolant pressure tester. Just bought another engine anyway.... Will post again when i've had a look at it....
Latest update, fitted charged batery and she fired up first time after sitting for 8 months. Filled it with water and ran upto temp, it didn't boil up or pressurise or leak anywhere? Top hose didn't get hot so am going to put in new thermostat and new rad cap then run it up till it gets proper hot!! Half a tank of diesel and 4 new tyres and the cambelts just been done so to say i'm pleased is an understatement...... :-)

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