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Eurocarparts !!!
Bought/fitted a new pair of bottom arms 18months ago (15,000 miles) due to MOT advisory on both ball joints. Now the O/S one has enought movement to be noticable on uneven roads Is this acceptable?
I'm sure ECP will consider it totally acceptable!

If you are so fortunate as to find someone there who actually will listen AND do the right thing, tell them to hold the line and please flick me their details.
Every time I deal with ECP they give me the wrong parts (wrong bottom arms last time weirdly enough!) Tend to stick with my local AtoZ motorfactors these days.

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Had the same with a pair of drop links. QH branded, fitted last March and they failed the MOT 2 weeks ago as the rubbers covers had come off. I'm sure a lot of branded gear is just cheap crap thesedays
It depends on the source - I've had QH tensioning rollers which were Dayco inside the box.

I've also used Taiwanese unbranded ball joints that have lasted like a champ under very hard usage. Aside from genuine branded parts ex-dealer or a second string like Motaquip, it's a minefield.
Unipart bits are good.:thumbsup:Also GSF give the choice of cheap or good,& the good is GOOD.(usually top am brands)
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Unipart are not specifically franchised here, the German marques are best represented in aftermarket but it's not a quality driven process, just "option B" when people get quoted $800/pr to supply and fit genuine discs for example. Recently had an issue where a C-Class needed the OSR brake sensor replacing - aftermarket price (trade) $270, Fleabay UK $35 for Chinese. I don't foresee the Chinese one lasting only 1/8 the life of a Febi part, so it was a no-brainer.

I've batted hard for OCAP suspension parts, but they're not well represented out of Italy.

Trouble with ECP is they're going to skewer themselves in the end with an excess of complaints and poor quality items. They can only ignore reasoned criticism for a finite amount of time...
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I may have to "swallow my knob" on this one got another arm, on starting to remove the old one the 18mm head bolt on the front mounting was loose to undo, had a word woth my local Citroen indepenant, and it is quite a common thing tighten up to manufacturer rec torque and they work themselves loose. I tightened it back up and gave it an extra 1/2 turn and hey presto no more noise. mind you after trouble with front wheel bearings rfailing within a year I am very wary of ECP!!!!

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