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Famous people
Hi Guys,
Met Jonny Smith (motoring journo, Fifth Gear presenter, etc) on Sunday at Santa Pod.Cool
What a thoroughly bloody nice chap!
He was surrounded by people taking no notice of him and watching the racing, slightly incognito (bit scruffy, actually...)
You know me;:whistle: walked straight up to him and started chatting.
He talked about Drag Racing, Fifth Gear and the Shanghai Motor Show he had just returned from.
Top bloke, down to earth and not full of himself.

Which famous people have you met?Confusedcratch:
Glad you did?:thumbsup:
Or wished you hadn't? Confusedillyme:

Dish the dirt...!
I've met stone cold steve Austin and coolio both at the Kursaal in southend as both these famous Americans seem to have children here and made a visit to the bowling alley, coolio's was the day after he came out the big brother house lol

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I've met Calvin from Hollyoakes at Silverstone last year!!!

[Image: 45717_1504443923442_1004576529_31445776_5412466_n.jpg]
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
A few years back I made Neil Morrissey (Tony from Men Behaving Badly) get out of my reserved seat in a train once. Didn't recognise him at all - I rarely watch TV. He found another seat opposite and despite a fan buying him a beer and him nattering on the phone about his pub/brewery I only twigged when my girlfriend told me after we got off :-)
Not got any photos here, but Kirk from Corrie lives behind us. [I didnt take that photo of him. Tongue]

[Image: corri%20andy%20whyment.jpg]

Also actually, a friend is running for miss world, you may have heard on the news quite a bit recently because of the anger of the Muslim community towards her!
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Phwoaaarrrrrrrr.............. she gets my vote :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
How much is the fish?
My claim to fame is that I have been on a short cruise with.....

well I've sailed the seas with.....

Well how shall I put it.....

Well actually I was on the chain-ferry crossing Cowes Harbour and in the motor in front of me was Dame Helen McArthur, didn't have time to get a piccy or autograph though.

I've also been on stage with and got a signed autobiography of (Dave)Screaming Lord Sutch shortly before his untimely death
and back in the early 1970's went to watch the band Mott The Hoople, guess who the support band was ??? non other than Queen just before they became BIG !!! got to meet the band and had a poster signed by all of them and over the years it has got lost, Gutted!!!!
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Hey Steve,
Are you the one on the left, or right?
Never seen HollyJokes.
Both good looking chaps, though.
TV career for both...
(28-04-2011, 04:59 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  Hey Steve,
Are you the one on the left, or right?
Never seen HollyJokes.
Both good looking chaps, though.
TV career for both...

The one on the right, I've got this thing about pulling faces for photos :joker:

Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
Dennis Taylor, Nigel Mansell, Norman Wisdom, John Gummer and one or two others as well I think (but can't remember!)

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