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Fastest Berlingo around the Ring
Been searching to see what the fastest time for a Berlingo is to go round the Nurburgring is but can't seem to find anything. Just asking as I am planning to take my Berlingo gti6 this year and want to see what sort of times people were getting and with what engines?

Anyone got any info they can share?
There was some d**k who was claiming he had the fastest one, I laughed because I could probably beat him without a sweat. It was diesel by the way lel. All stickered up and standard interior....Don't know where the thread is gone, I was trying to search for it but it happen before the site hacking. Probably burried somewhere (there was a video).
Anyway, I've been following your build. I really enjoyed the choice you made in engine swap, although I feel the TU5JP4 is capable if you are willing to invest your time and money with some cam work, individual throttle bodes, stand alone ECU..etc.
I take it the engine you have in yours is the XU10J4RS correct? If so you have the fastest one definitely heh. Instead of wasting money on Nurburgring which is expensive and overrated, why not book it into some local car clubs for a time trial, personally I think you will have more fun doing that. The weight advantage is what puts to shame a lot of other cars when I end up having fun on the B roads. The lack of understeer in these things is quiet nice, having a nice neutral steer for a FWD. Tracks or straight roads is not where our vans belong, despite the excellent power to weight ratio Tongue

I forgot to add the biggest engine conversion i have seen on here is a 3.0 v6 from a 406 coupe. I think he sold it. Car has been going round ebay a few times. Question is can you live with 20mpg hehe
Yeah the TU5JP4 engine is a good engine but if your going to fit that and all the bits listed I would rather de the same with a gti6 engine. More torque and power and a stronger engine and gearbox than the JP4. Also I already had the XU10 Big Grin I just fancy the ring to say I have been there and think it would be fun to do in the van. I will be doing croft as its my local track along with castle Combe for the French car show too.
I have seen a few Berlingo V6s now but to be honest I prefer the gti6 engine and box over the V6.

14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
Oh hang on, this is a better one, Time set was 10:10.03!

14 Plate Berlingo Multispace XTR
I reckon you'd do better with the gti engine over a V6. It'll be lighter and will no doubt take the bends far better. The Audi TT with the 2 litre turbo against the 3.2 V6 is a good example.

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2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.
Been doing a little searching and found this that says it was sat October 2015 with a time of 9.52.816

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