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[Filters & Oil] Strange filter thing on top of engine
Hi all,

I have a strange filter thing on the top of my engine (1.6HDI mk2 berlingo), I was wondering if you could let me know what it is please?

Hopefully the picture is attached to this.


hello Martin,cant help you sorry ,new to these cars .mine is a 1.9 mk 2 non turbo,anyway check to see where the braided pipe is coming from??could be some sort of breather ?
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Crankcase breather?

Edit. not big enough after seeing it next to your hand.

Looks like a bleed point or some sort of pressure release?

Wouldn't think it was a filter/inlet.
Were does the other end go to ? look's like a non return valve of sort's
It is the vent to atmosphere from the vacuum solenoid that adjusts the boost on the variable vane turbo.
Hello JohnM welcome to the forum good to have you with us glad some know's where it goes to and from
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oh ok cheers for that. Just out of interest - does it need changing every now and again?

As said it is not a filter, so no need to change it.
There is a little bit of foam inside the end, it should not block up unless your engine pukes a bit of oil from elsewhere as not a lot passes through it. If it does block it can cause the turbo to over boost and go into limp home mode.

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