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Fitting a Hydraulic Clutch Instead Of Cable Clutch
Ok so I'm looking for some help and advice and hopefully someone has done this already .....

I've toyed before now with fitting an hydraulic clutch control system instead of a cable controlled clutch on my DW8 2005 1.9D van ( MK2 ).

However I am due next week to undergo spinal surgery and the need for a lighter clutch for the future has become more pressing ( just like that on my back nerves).

I won't be allowed to drive for a few months so I'll have time to get it sorted if possible - the " boy " will be press ganged into service as a grease monkey.

So has anyone done this and or can it be done ... advice welcomed.

I'd rather not replace the vehicle as after purchase I've done / spent on everything that would need doing for the future in advance since I normally keep my vehicles for many years.
never seen a hydraulic clutch on a dw8, always cable, you can convert the pedal end with a pedal box from a 1.6hdi, as for the other end it would need to be bespoke and would outweigh the cost of a 1.6hdi van for a hydraulic clutch, they aren't that much lighter than your dw8, they have the same travel as a cable clutch pedal and the same travel at the gearbox end so they are similar in feel after the initial new clutch lightness has worn off to be honest
I was reading this thread earlier about building a hydraulic clutch for a 306, would be a similar set-up I guess.

Doesn't look worth the effort personally but interesting project.
Thanks all for the info ..... came out of surgery a day ago so limited at the moment.

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