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Fitting new high power starter motor
Battery has gone flat again after trying to start her up from cold. Got a jump off neighbour and fired up straightaway. Charging fine.
I've suspected starter motor is weak ever since I bought car 6 weeks ago so just ordered a new one to be delivered tomorrow. I've gone for the high powered one sold on ebay as it's only £10 more than the standard one.
Can anyone advise me on what will need removing to get at it and refitting procedure? Have ramps so can access underneath if necessary.
I'd have changed the battery first, but you are the man on the ground so you should know.

A lot depends on what model of berlingo you have , the early ones were easy to get at , the later ones most of the air intake system has to come out ,wires and looms moved out of the way, not really a big job but can be awkward. Should be accessible from the top except for the air box thingy in front of the engine has a stud securing it at the bottom which is easier got at from beneath.
Sorry, thought I'd mentioned, it's a 2004 2.0 diesel.
all you need bud is an 8mill hex key for the three bolts securing the starter motor easy to get at with the airbox inplace you will need an 8mill socket and 13mill socket for the power conections and also a ten mill to take the diesel filter of so you can get to the starter moter conections all in all should take no longer than 15 mins
2005 multispace desire 2.0 hdi iron grey
Do you remove the fuel filter housing from the vehicle altogether or just move aside? If removing altogther, does it need to be drained first and do fuel lines just pop off?
yep remove filter houseing dead easy two ten mil bolts remove fuel pipes and electrical plug on refiting just prime fuel back job sorted
2005 multispace desire 2.0 hdi iron grey
Nice one.
hi jonnie.....i fitted on of these hd starters a couple of months ago (best thing ive done car spins like a gooden now) what i done was attack it from the top of the engine and from underneth . i didnt touch the fuel filter but i did remove some of the water hoses to help with access.i undid 2 starter bolts from above and one from below and the power lead. i droped the starter out from below. the new starter is a fair bit bigger but do fit no problem.also i think it has 11 teeth and a bigger cog where the old starter had 9 teeth../a freind said it wouldnt fit as hes been there many times in the past and it would do in the starting ring. this did worry me so i rang the supplier same one as you i should think (very helpfull) and he said it was the proper one for the car and its built like that to give much faster cranking....which it sure does. mine is also a 2004 2.0hdi. good luck with it .
dont forget to have the lineing stud in the centre hole.
I bought it from AAP Oldham, there appears to be only 1 seller of these so presume it's the same as yours.
If I removed top coolant hoses, would that mean draining down entire system first?
Haven't had car long so don't know my way around it yet.
Will remember about the dowl stud thingy.
I seem to be getting the same problem first start on a morning struggles to start after that starts fine all day, I charged battery over night last night and it went first turn this morning might be different tomorrow, hope not might to look at start motor next 2004 2.0 hdi

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