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Front tyre wear on outer edge?
Our Multispace has done about 16k miles since new new, and it's still on the factory-fit tyres.

The back tyres look like they'll last for ever, but the fronts on both sides are worn on their outer edges, and are almost like new on their inner edges.

Is this a Berlingo trait? I'm guessing that it's down to the camber being out - i.e. the wheels are sticking out at the top and in at the bottom. I'll try holding a vertical level against the wheels to check this.

Could this be caused by it not carrying much load a lot of the time? I'm wondering whether the suspension swings downwards at an angle if there's just the driver on board, as is frequently the case.

Are Citroen dealers likely to have the wheel alignment kit, or does this need a specialist tyre shop?
The first thing to do is get the tracking checked look's like it's towing in but if you want it check for geometry all round caster camber tracking you need to find a garage with a hunter geometry gig not sure of the price to have it done around £60 to £80 you can take it back with in tree month's to have it checked for free just to make sure it's all fine after it's settled down .
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Under inflation can also,cause this , it is accentuated by the Berlingo being a tall vehicle.
Hard cornering whilst on the throttle will also cause it.
Don't assume that the tracking is set perfectly in the factory. Mine wasn't, the fronts were both showing a lot of inside wear after about 6000 miles. I had the tracking laser set by my trusted independent tyre man and it was way out. Wear has been very even since.
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Thanks for all the replies.

The tyres are pumped up to their maximum for a full load, and always have been. So under-inflation is ruled out. This would result in both outer edges wearing, and the inner one is almost untouched.

It clearly needs aligning then. Would it be worth taking it back to the Citroen dealer to get this done under warranty, or would they say it's not covered and/or not even be able to do it? I'd want it done using laser beams, not by someone shutting one eye!
I've booked it in with Kwik-Fit, as they have the Hunter Hawkeye system. It looks pretty idiot-proof...

I'm wondering if it's to do with the knocking I had from the first suspension for the first couple of thousand miles, which then vanished on its own. I'd bet that something wasn't fully pressed together at the factory when it was aligned at the factory. Then presumably it settled in, so the alignment's ended up all over the place.

The two worn ones aren't (quite) illegal though, so I might just have them swapped with the back ones at the same time. Hopefully they'll all end up worn out together then.
Well after handing over £50 to Kwik Fit it's hopefully sorted. It was down to the toe adjustment on one side being out. Of course this doesn't mean you drive in circles because you steer to oppose it, so you end up wearing both sides, as the front wheels are both being dragged sideways all the time. They were pointing towards each other, or away - I forget which way now.

I got the fronts and backs swapped over too, so I can now see whether it carries on chewing off the outer edge - the tyres on the front are nice and square now.

I did moan about them doing it via the plastic wheel trims. They did it again without them, and it was slightly different but still OK. But then the tyre pressures were different and it had been jacked up so it wasn't too scientific.

I was told that they used to take them off in the past, but the makers of this system say their clamps will be aligned with the wheels even through a wheel trim. I find that a bit hard to believe, when they're checking to less than 0.1 degree.

I'll pull the wheel trims off before I go back for a free re-check in a month's time.

Thanks again for all the very useful advice on here.
Good to see you have it sorted Cool  let us know when you have it checked  Smile
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I'll update later, also as to whether the tyre wear is sorted.

One further point - it has tyre pressure monitors. They did let me know that as a result of swapping them, if I get a flat then it will tell me the wrong one is flat. I think they were only swapped front to back, not left-right, but they could have got jumbled.

I'll try and get them all back to where they should be when it does need tyres. Does anyone know how to tell which is which? Are they labelled, or is there a way of checking or reprogramming them? I suppose you could let all the air out of each in turn while the engine's running, but is there a cleverer way?

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