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Fuel Pump/Fuel Tank
Hello everyone, I've been lurking for ages and apologies for not posting much, but I have a question.

On Friday after work, my car wouldn't start - it was turning over and over but just wouldn't fire. Had a quick look around and couldn't see anything obvious, so called out the AA to see if they could get me going. Turned out they couldn't but the AA man diagnosed the problem as being the fuel pump.

Now he gave me some advice on changing it and one of the things he said was that as the Berlingo has a plastic fuel tank, you have to be quick changing it, because if you're not then when you take the old one out, the petrol vapour will deform the tank and you won't get the new one back in - and you'l need a new tank as well :O I've dropped the tank out of the car (unfortunate French design means you can't just go in under the rear seat :brickwall: ) and the tank seems pretty solid and looks as though it would take a fair bit of effort to deform it. So before I go and remove the old pump to fit the new, is this actually something I need to worry about or was he talking b******* and trying to scare me into going to a garage??

It's a 1.4 petrol, February 2002, sorry for the long post but has anyone heard of or come across this before?
Yes, thought it the province of hot climates, though.
Am I missing something here ? Confusedcratch:

The fuel tank holds petrol but the petrol vapour from the petrol deform the fuel tank? :S :S :S

Does that not mean the fuel tank will be deformed all the time?
My thoughts exactly, hence the confusion Rolleyes I can't find any mention of this anywhere.

It's not even as if it could be something to do with the pressure as the filler neck is disconnected and it has a breather hole, so any slight pressure will now be non-existent
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It's the tendency of the plastic moulding to revert into a slightly distorted shape, most importantly this stops the sender unit lock ring from ever again fitting in a fluid and vapour tight way. This is a real problem, and one I wouldn't be game to try solving with a heat gun.
The AA man maybe on commission

Don't forget to check fuse 25 in the engine bay fuse box. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Funny that you say that, I've dropped the tank and all ready to change the pump but I was sitting last night and that popped into my head Rolleyes If it turns out to be the fuse I'm going to be kicking myself (and I probably won't tell anyone on here Wink )
There are a few more bits and pieces it could be if not the fuse but I'll need you to P/Mail me your Vin No. to get the right drawings. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
(24-12-2013, 12:05 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  There are a few more bits and pieces it could be if not the fuse but I'll need you to P/Mail me your Vin No. to get the right drawings. :thumbsup:

That would be excellent if you could please, I will check the VIN when I get back home and send you a mail Smile

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