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Gadgetman crashes through the wall!

Of course I break through walls. I'm a Viking from Norway...
(OK, I promise not to burn down London bridge)

My cars...

Started with a 1975 Citroën GS PALLAS 1.2L that I 'inherited' from my mother.
(She got a slightly newer edition)
That is probably the most fun car I've ever driven, except for in the winter...
(It handled the snow and ice just fine. -20 Celsius, on the other hand isn't that fun in a car with air-cooled engine)
Could drive anywhere, and if you couldn't, it was just a pull on a lever and suddenly you could...
Rust, a broken oil-cooler and wear finally got the better of it, but by then it was back with my mother(she liked it better than the 'new' she had as that had a 1L engine), and a 1984 CX 2.0L, gold coloured dream was my replacement.
That was a real cruiser. The miles(metric) just disappeared and the fatigue never arrived. I still miss that car. (Pity the engine died)
A 1.6i BX Estate was my next car. Same flying carpet treatment, but with better winter handling than the CX. White as snow... Which made the dirty marks from the rear tire of the 6WD dump-truck that backed over it even more visible and ugly...
(Occupational hazard. I no longer drive my own car when out and about in work-relate errands)
Unfortunately, the insurance company was some real tightwads and wouldn't pay what a similar car cost in my region. And I didn't want to spend ages searching the whole country for one.
So, a plum-red 1998 Berlingo became my next ride. 1.4i engine, lots of room, but only 3 dooor.
It was incredible what you could fit in the rear. Parquet for an apartment? Sure. Rolls of fibreglass burlap at the same time? sure. Wallpaper paste? That too. Oh, and a dozen 3L paintbuckets? in the corner...
Or I could load my Chinese-built scooter to bring it home when it broke down...

Unfortunately, one day I parked it on a parking-lot with a slight slope...
I remembered to put it in first gear and even to pull on the handbrake.
A pity that the woman who parked her SUV uphill from me didn't... The rear of her monstrosity hit the front of my car and pushed it over 5 meters.
That crumpled the crumple-zones enough that the doors were difficult to open.
The insurance company said tat it was too damaged to repair, and paid for a similar car.

That got me a 1999 Multispace, 4 door, sun-roof, central locking. And yes, the same plum red colour ;-)

That was the interesting stuff...
I work in computer support(govrnment agency, so not enough money to buy a new car), I fly RC gliders once every leap year or so, in the summer my car can be recognised by having a blue Kayak on the roof rack. But I may just as well be heading for the mountains for a short 4 - 6 Hour hike. Or fishing off one of the bridges on the Atlantic Ocean Road.
We'll forego the 200+ computers in silence, though...

I love Red Dwarf, of course, like any real Sci-fi fan, and is slowly building up my collection of The Doctor. I have both the complete book collection and all the 7 seasons of the TV-adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small.

In the evenings I'm currently putting together a 1:35 scale model of a Renault FT-17 tank.
(Couldn't find any kits of the CITROEN AMR P 103, so... )
Strange, really, a tank that is smaller than my car...
(The FT-17 is 4 meters if you don't count the trenching tool, the Berlingo is 4m11cm )
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Hello, and welcome.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
Hello & welcome.You certainly lead a busy life.:thumbsup::whistle:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The really strange thing is that I'm basically a lazy person...
(14-04-2013, 10:13 PM)Gadgetman Wrote:  The really strange thing is that I'm basically a lazy person...

Snap.:thumbsup::thumbsupTongues I like Red Dwarf & the Doctor,so you can't be all bad.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Well, you'd possibly like the "Harp Twins" playing the Doctor Who theme on YouTube... :twisted:
Thanks for that Smile
(15-04-2013, 02:31 AM)addo Wrote:  Well, you'd possibly like the "Harp Twins" playing the Doctor Who theme on YouTube... :twisted:

I think I prefer the original soundtrack...
The harps just aren't erie enough.
(And yes, I prefer the first doctor)

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