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Hard on diesel?
What mileage would usually be good for an 02' 2litre hdi berlingo? I'm just about gettin 350miles to tank!
I'm currently averaging 53.15 mpg on a 2001 2.0 hdi. The vast majority of those miles being done on the motorway at 60 though. But still, I'm frankly impressed . . . And almost fear servicing it incase it 'loosens' something ha ha. (Only had it for just over 500 miles).
I get 500 mixed motorway (75%) driving at the speed limit, loaded with about 400 kilo. I think it's about 44mpg ish
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
So mines not doin to well, it seem to be driving ok but I think it should be fit to do better than 350 miles a tank, an no real heavy driven either, any suggestions, not not serviced either
I'll admit I'm not too familiar with Berlingos as this is my first one. But, aside from all the usual planning ahead with driving methods and keeping unnecessary weight down, windows up above 40mph and so on . . . I guess you could go for an additive of some sort in the fuel as a cheap interim option. I used Diesel Rhino in my VW T4 and my Fabia VRS and noticed an improvement all around really (nothing too huge, but noticeable). The t4Forum thread about it was massively popular when it launched, some saw very good results, some saw slight improvements, and some saw no improvement as such, but also no decline.

The problem is, additives are a massively subjective thing. Some like them, others think they are ridiculous. But, if you ever use 'premium' fuel, then a good additive with normal fuel would be cheaper per tank anyway, so nothing to lose in some ways?

Mind you, the van may just need an old skool 'italian tune' to keep it at it's best?
Italian tune??
How many MPG is a far better indicator than miles per tank.
(19-05-2013, 09:01 PM)Mar Dickson Wrote:  Italian tune??

Yeah, it basically involves ragging it around nice and hard for a while.

Apparently it was what the old Ferrari engineers did when customers took their precious, and thusly seldom driven at any speed/revs, cars to be serviced. I'd never heard of it, then the T4foum, briskoda and mg-rover forum all where mentioning it whilst I had vehicles from those companies.

I'm always a little scared to do it mind. Basically, some say they 'need' a good long drive at decent speed every week/two weeks to help with crud building up inside the engine.
It does help, provided you have good quality clean oil in the motor and let everything reach temperature first. My understanding is the increased agitation and flow of hot oil (with its detergent additives) assists in subtly dissolving and washing away deposits/varnish.

With an older Ferrari, you also need to use the air horn every couple of weeks for a good loud blast or it will cease working properly. The motivation here is price/availability of another.
(19-05-2013, 09:01 PM)Mar Dickson Wrote:  Italian tune??

I did an 'Italian Tune' on mine when I first bought it.
Had stood from October (1st MOT) till March, so changed all filters and fluids and drove it hard for couple of weeks (1,500miles).
Certainly blew the cobwebs off!
Two years later it still runs beautifully and pulls like a train.
Just done 6th oil change (every 8,000 miles), which is £300 in oil & filters! Confusedillyme:
So after 2 years/40,000 miles, new discs and pads, new clutch slave cylinder, a (still) leaking (slightly) PAS pump, 4 tyres and plenty of oil, I am definately a happy Berlingo owner. :thumbsup:

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