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Heater Matrix problem
Hi Everybody, first post on the Berlingo forum other than a quick hello.

I have just replaced the heater matrix on my 07 Berlingo (1.6 16v), Oh what fun that was. I finished on Tuesday, and everything appeared to be ok. No more steamed up windows and heater working fine and no more curry smell.

However, this morning I noticed footwell carpets where wet ? Wife used the car for work, and all windows where steamed up again for drive home. When She arrived home I noticed the familiar curry smell again (though nowhere near as strong as before). I checked the air vents that go into the footwell's through the centre console, they were wet inside, along with the carpets :-( .

I used new rubber seals on the water inlet pipes in the engine bay going into the matrix (greased slightly).

This is obviously a bit of a blow, as it could mean that the new matrix I put in is faulty and leaking, meaning I would have to do the work all over again.

Does any body know if the water inlet pipes have not sealed properly against the matrix in the engine bay, could this allow water to go inside the heater assembly ? I'm not sure how it could, I would have thought it would just leak into the engine bay. Clutching at straws here really, as don't really want to do this job again.

Any help with replies would be appreciated.


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Can't see that a leak at the pipes would let water into the car , I have had a matrix leak around the top end before , where its crimped on. Sounds like this is more likely ( faulty part).
Hope you are aware of all the recommendations for this work. The matrix suppliers are very strict about warranty on these parts usually.
Cheers Lighty, pretty much what I was thinking. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to do the job again. The pain will begin again on Monday, as working over the weekend.

I bought a Nissens matrix from an Ebay shop, paid a little more for it thinking it was a good make. Should have just bought the cheap Eurocarparts one. That is the one I will be using next.

I have had a bit of a search for doing this work and found a few bits of information. There was a good write up on this forum from MissSpentYouth. However, I pretty much followed the Haynes manual. Having just done the work, it is still fresh in my mind, so should be a bit easier and quicker next time. But, if you are aware of any recommendations that might not be readily available for this job, I would gladly take them on board. I would be pretty annoyed if I had to do it a third time. I will certainly be testing for leaks before fitting. One slight oversight from first fitment.

Thanks again.
Current: 2007 Berlingo Multispace Desire 1.6 16v
Previous: 1999 Berlingo Multispace 1.9D
(28-01-2016, 08:17 PM)Marti_68 Wrote:  . I would be pretty annoyed if I had to do it a third time. I will certainly be testing for leaks before fitting. One slight oversight from first fitment.

Thanks again.

You can pressure test a matrix much as you would an inner tube repair. Bit of pressure and some soapy water may save you some grief.
Ours was leaking onto the mat in the passenger footwell before Christmas and I was looking at fixing it but we did an exhaust on my daughter's car and that put me off working in the cold and wet so I will leave it till the weather is nicer probably after March. I tipped a bottle of K Seal in for now and that has cured the leak. Removing the dash looks a bit of a job and I can't see any shortcuts but the matrix looks like a cheap enough item on eBay, I'll order one in advance so I do the job.
So where does this bit go then ?
K seal sorted mine as well,Just checked my service archive and I've put another 35k on the clock since putting it in in November and not had to top up,delaying the inevitable expense till the better weather hopefully,gives me chance to get a quote for the job.
[Image: smokingdog-1.gif]

Berlingo First,75bhp 1.6hdi,58 plate....225k and counting.
All finished again today for the second time. Hopefully that is the end of it now and this matrix lasts. The second one was leaking between the join at the top of the unit.

It took me eight hours to complete and that included taking out the heater assembly to give it a good clean, and trying to dry the carpets. I also fitted a new thermostat as well. All in all not a bad days work. If anybody is thinking of taking this job on, I am happy to offer any advise I can. Getting quite good at it now Smile

As you can see from the picture below, my original matrix was beyond K-Seal Big Grin 

[Image: 20160203_105816.jpg]

Also, the worrying stage of the job. Will it all go back together ?

[Image: 20160202_150009.jpg]

For those that are thinking of doing this job, have a go. I admit it is not much fun, but it is not as bad as it looks. If you take your time and take loads of pictures of all the wiring connectors and bolts/screws you take out, you should be ok. Save yourself a shed load of money as well Big Grin
Current: 2007 Berlingo Multispace Desire 1.6 16v
Previous: 1999 Berlingo Multispace 1.9D
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WOW to do that twice you need some time off and a meddle i would of been AWOL salute you sir . Cool
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