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Heater fan stopped
Hi All
Been reading various posts on heater fan problems but still struggling. My vehicle is an '06 2lt Hdi van and the heater fan wont run on any of the positions/settings. Drove it this morning and fan was okay, then stopped somewhere and when van was restarted there was no fan. It did this once before briefly many months ago but it righted its self until today. Ive checked the fuses around the BSI unit all fine but not looked anywhere else yet (evenings too dark now). I dont think its a resistor problem as there is nothing coming on at all but Im open to any help here now that its winter (we had snow here this morning). Was wondering if it could be a relay but if someone wants to suggest anything else on testing I have a multimeter ready and willing. Thanks.
Not likely to be a fuse as they tend to either work or not. I would check the wiring plug at the motor as I have seen them melt before. Check it for power while you are there
Thanks Col
When I went to work this morning I had to put the fan on full speed (No.4) to help clear the screen. I remember thinking it wasnt blowing as fast as I expected and the de-misting seemed to take longer. Then when I got back in the car after the first short journey the fan was not running at all and wouldnt come on at any point during the day so somethings cooked, burnt or blown. Its just a case of finding whats blown, so Im going to heed your good suggestion and start at the motor and see if I can find any clues and report back.
See first post ( 11 / 07 / 2013 )......

More recently I had the exact same issue as you and a good thump on the fan selector switch area got it working again and been ok since - maybe 3 months now ?

Worth trying the above before diving in deep as you may get lucky.
Dont know if theres a connection with my defective fan issue but whilst driving this morning (still minus the fan) I tried to play a CD and after a couple of seconds of turning the player on I got a regular loud bleeping noise through the speakers that Ive never heard before. The CD began playing in the background but the bleeping continued so I turned it off. Its not the same bleeping tone as the low-fuel or seatbelts noise nor is it the same as a door open etc. It was a loud regular stronger bleep and only happens when I power up the CD/radio. If I turn the radio off it stops. It does it regardless of whether its playing a CD or playing a radio station. Its like some sort of alarm. Everything electronic seems to be working fine (except the fan of course) but it seems too much of a coincidence that the two things have occurred together. I think I may try a BSI reset tomorrow to see if it makes any difference but wondered if any electro-techs had any ideas what this could be. Maybe I should put it in a seperate post/thread.
Just a quick add on to my last post....when the fan packed up I took the fuses out one by one to see if any had blown. At one point there was a loudish audible bleep as I put a fuse back in. Could this be something that is now causing the radio to bleep? Im wondering if Ive accidentally mucked up some coding for the radio perhaps by removing a fuse? Maybe the BSI reset might fix this unless anyone knows otherwise.
Accessed the fan this afternoon (easy job for a change) and found with the multimeter that I had a power supply to the fan and the connector was not burned. So pulled the fan off (three bolts) and tested it. Seems that the motor has burned out.
A used one from Ebay is coming Wednesday £44 inc postage so hopefully job should be sorted. Not much fun driving without a fan heater at this time of year with a steaming labrador and driver on board. The shammy is getting some stick!

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