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Heater problems
hello, I have a heater problem in my x reg berlingo>> it just went dead, my boyfriend messed abit with the fuses and wiring at the back/under dash and it seemed work... then went again, its obviously not well. but this is the perplexing bit, this morning it was ok but after realising that if you just start up the engine it doesnt work, but if you only turn the ignition on for a second or two then the engine it does???????
any body any clues about why this would happen??
Thank you
any help much appreciated
Does it have a grey fuse panel under the steering wheel with about 30 fuses in two rows, or a black fuse box with less fuses? X reg can be either.
Just fixed mine by tapping the blower motor with a hammer..its like thr sahara desert in there
Hi, sorry for not getting back sooner Re; fuse box .... its grey with 30 fuses numbered then 4 spare. does that shine any light in the issue thanks

and Gaz1969 yeah i'd spotted that method on an earlier post...if it works, you can,t argue with it. thanks
Hi Janine, that makes your Berlingo "pre multiplex" or in plain English, simpler and cheaper to fix.

How handy are you and the man, as a team? I can tailor my suggestions to suit.
(13-11-2013, 08:01 AM)addo Wrote:  Hi Janine, that makes your Berlingo "pre multiplex" or in plain English, simpler and cheaper to fix.

How handy are you and the man, as a team? I can tailor my suggestions to suit.

Hi, well that's always a good start.
My boyfriend is pretty good with engines( motorbikes) and very good at doing as I'm told.. Any help would be much appreciated

The most likely failure is in the blower motor or its attached controller.

On the passenger side under the dash there's a felt cover you unscrew/unclip first. this shows you the bottom of the blower fan.

Assuming you also have AC you can see a narrow cover panel with three screws that cover the pollen filter - if this hasn't been changed, I suggest doing at the same time. The pollen filter is simply pulled downwards to remove, once the panel is off.

The blower motor is held on with three screws also, they are usually #2 Philips head. You can undo these and lower the fan unit down - might have to unclip some cable ties to keep the wiring plugged in. If you were to swap the blower fan for a known working one, this is about hard as it gets.

With both the blower fan and pollen filter, expect a good amount of debris to fall in when lowered so get the hoover ready.

To check your blower unit more carefully, look at the maroon/brown four wire plug going into it. With the motor running, you should be able to find 12V on the red wire, the black wire will be earth, there are two thinner wires (brown and yellow?) that go to the control panel.

If you cannot find 12V on the red wire, it goes through a black relay under the dash beside your fuse panel. The red wire becomes a fat white wire, though... The best way of finding which relay this is, would be to look at which relays under there have a black socket base, and use a continuity tester (or multimeter) to find which socket has Pin 5 (the numbers are tiny, but moulded into the visible face of the socket) connected to the red wire back at the blower fan.

It's worth the effort to find which relay does the work, as the relays become faulty over time. Sometimes popping in a new one, is all that's needed. If this does the trick, button it all back together again and carry on. Don't forget to wipe/vacuum as much crud as you can from the air box insides; it's no good to breathe leaf mould all year 'round.

If the relay makes no difference, and a sharp rap doesn't reliably start the blower fan either, the controller module is likely at fault. Genuine Valeo is about £70+, you can get Chinese made copies for less than twenty with postage. This is quite easy to change once the blower fan is unplugged and sitting on the bench, you need a small (6mm?) socket driver and the metal fan motor has to be eased out of its plastic housing. No hidden tricks here, just look at all the small lugs it catches on, unclip the two fat wires and ease it loose, working around and again as required.

When a sharp rap starts the blower every time, it's mostly the carbon brushes worn out. These are slightly fiddly to replace, and you get smeary carbon soot everywhere. New replacements are cheap enough, and results will be had - but be sure to allow a good while for your first attempt - maybe two hours from go to whoa.

As Haynes like to say, reassembly is the reverse of removal. They're a simple car; this is what I like about them!
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Thanks Addo,
For your comprehensive solution to my problem, this sounds the like the answer.. Ill get him on it this weekend.
Thank you for your time and effort
:woop:Thanks Addo
Your very good advice has help me to find the fault, it was a defective resistor pack.

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