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Heather blower won't work - no live feed
Getting round to doing up the shed of a Berlingo I bought, hoping it will be a nice little micro camper!

Anyway, the heater blower doesn't work. The fan itself works with a direct current accross the motor terminals, however there is no live feed from the red wire which goes into the the blower motor multi plug.

Checked all fuses and have been told to check all relays under drivers legs by fuse box. I can only find two relays - a biggish one which I've changed and still no feed. I can see one other small one - yet to change that one yet as the spares didn't have one.

There is another space for a relay above the small one mentioned above, but looks unused as can't see any blade connectors in it.

If changing that small relay doesn't do it then I'm out of ideas.

So am I looking in the right places and trying the right things?
Is it not the resistor pack that's gone? Common fault on these cars!
I initially thought that - but there still should be a live feed from the red wire that comes off the loom to the fan? And currently there's no power getting to the fan at all!

And is the resistor pack in the control unit or part of the fan unit - think I can see it if it's on the fan unit.
A wiring diagram would help you here else your just guessing otherwise.

Hopefully somebody will have one for you.

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