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Hello Everyone,
Please forgive the long post. I have recently purchased a 2007 Berlingo Multispace 1.6D from a small one man band car dealer on Autotrader for my wife with 1 years warranty. I drove the car away and within 20 minutes of driving home on the motorway there was a beep and the engine management light came on but there was no change in performance with the engine.

I immediately pulled onto the hard shoulder and called the guy and told him what had happened. He asked me a couple of questions and then said to bring it straight back and he would plug his fault code reader into the car to find out what the problem was. I arrived back at his place and he promptly plugged in the code reader and it came up as the EGR valve. He said that sometimes these stick if the car hasn't been driven for a little while and reset the fault. He told me to take the car and to let him know if the light came on again.

The car drove fine for a couple of days and then the engine management light came on again but the car was still running fine. I called him and he told me to bring it back, sadly I couldn't get the car back to him until the weekend which was 3 days away. So he told me to carry on driving it and bring it back when I could. On the Friday before the weekend, the engine light had gone out, my wife was driving the car and called me to say that it was struggling to get up the hill near our house and was very sluggish on the flat. I called the dealer and described what the problem was with the car and that the engine management light had gone out. I told him I would bring the car to him the next day (Saturday) for him to look at.

On my way driving back to the dealer along the motorway flat out at 50mph and struggling up hills, the engine light came on again so I called the dealer to update him on my way. He told me to meet him at his mechanics garage close to his yard and he would get the mechanic to take a look. When I arrived at the mechanics, he lifted the bonnet and we found oil covering the top of the rocker cover and front of the engine.

The dealer then said leave it with me and my mechanic and we will get it sorted, gave me another vehicle to use (bit of a heap but better than nothing) and said he would call me with an update once his mechanic had investigated. Later on that day, the dealer called me and said that the turbo had failed due to lack of oil, I explained to him that the oil level was fine when I checked it before I had driven the car to him on Saturday. He tried to say that this wasn't covered under the warranty as it was caused by lack of oil caused by a leak from the rocker cover gasket. I argued that we had only had the car less than 10 days in total and driven 304 miles, how could this have caused the leak on the engine!! I told him was his problem and it should be covered under the warranty, I don't expect to by a car for £4000 and for it to have problems within 20 minutes of driving it away from him and have an oil leak after 300 miles!!

He replaced the turbo and the rocker gasket and asked me to come and collect the car. I arrived at his place, he told me had had test driven the car and it was all fine now. He pulled the bonnet and showed me the new turbo and explained that he had jet washed the engine to remove any oil etc. I told him I would test drive it round the block to make sure it was all ok. I drove round the block and it seemed to feel a little bit sluggish so returned to his yard and told him so. He told me it was because I was used to driving the petrol Saab turbo he had loaned us and that this was a diesel engine so it would feel different.

I said I would take it away, drive it home and let him know. On my way home, I decided to pull over before getting on the motorway just to see if the engine was running ok. I sat in a car park with the car parked up and proceeded to very slowly increase the revs to check it was running ok. Very very gradually increasing the revs until it got to just over 3000revs and started to hunt, on increasing the revs it was fine. I repeated this again and again and found that at the same point just over 3000revs the same thing happened.

I took the car back to the dealer within the hour and he argued that the car was running fine when I drove it away and that it was a safety feature to prevent over revving. I know he meant the rev limiter and told him that he was talking nonsense. After some debate, he eventually agreed for me to leave it with him to get it checked out.

Please can anyone tell me what this could be as he is still arguing that the engine runs fine. I have refused to collect the car until it is sorted out and we are now at a stalemate!!
Please help................

Thanks Tony
Welcome to the forum

Sorry I can't help you on this one, but just want to give my support to you as I agree they should fix it

As the age (2007) means it's a Mk2, I'm sure someone will be along to give some suggestions
Trading standards.
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Hi Tony & welcome.
I'd have to agree with the above post: refuse to accept the car as it's clearly unfit for purpose. Discuss the issue with Trading Standards or perhaps your council (if the car was bought in the same borough this could be a good move).
Document everything, remain civil and always be reasonable : these three things make it hard to argue against you.

Good luck.
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Welcome, if you paid by Credit Card you have better chance- just contact Card Company.
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